Buy version and other versions of your domain name

1. Buy version. COM’s name, if available.
When people hear a domain name, “listen.” COM, regardless of whether the site is. NET or. BIZ or. ORG, or anything else. So it is very profitable to find a domain name that is part of the family. COM. If you can not find the name you want, try to find a script version of his name with the domain. COM. For example, when looking for a domain name for my Self-Employment Coaching Gym (School of Business Coaching equity) the name really wanted, but was not available. However, the name-Owned Business, another was available, so I bought it. Many SEO specialists indicate that search engines easily find names with hyphens, and many online business owners use keywords with hyphens in their domain names for this purpose. I really do not know exactly the validity of this theory, so I recommend you try to buy a domain. COM with dashes instead of a. NET or. BIZ with the name you want. Some domain name owners will be willing to sell if you want it. You can find out the owners of domain names through the site For information on domain names Country Code (two letters, such as. UK or. CA for example), go)

2. Consider the possibility of other versions of your domain name.
If you are registering the version. COM domain name for your company, we also recommend to make sure other variations of the name, with different ways to spell it, with the Common misspellings and versions. NET and. ORG in its domain. That way, when visitors go to those sites will be redirected to your main website and you will keep them away from their competitors. Be careful, do not buy quite restricted and all variants to find because they went bankrupt. For the company Web site coaching, and I have domains and have decided that enough. Your domain name is the first step in establishing your online presence. Take your time and think through the process, the domain will serve for several years and find it an effective tool to get more clients online.