Your business shirts

Almost every project we know today as great have small beginnings, difficult and, above all, uncertain. When we now seem obvious, but probably would not have been able to foresee at the time. Besides good and original idea, perseverance and work are always necessary ingredients. Another very important thing is the initial capital. If you are able to create original designs and want to emulate the success of this company Navarre, Brildor can help you get it without having to play you like them to begin with 5,000 t. Find out how.

 Your business shirts

Imagine you want to create your own brand of shirts and decide to start launching a collection of 25 designs. You may seem few, but then we will show that there are already many. You’ll want to offer a range of 10 or 12 colors. The basic scaling Size composed of at least 5 models: XP, P, M, L, XL (English XS, S, M, L, XL). You may want to offer 2 models of garment, a basic tee round neck Fitted another one for girl. So far so normal. We do not want to throw the house out the window on our first project.

Suppose you get them at a good price. You should play you in the quality or risk losing everything. So you choose a shirt of little over 2 € each. At this point you realize that you’re on the 25,000 € and you do not feel like thinking that you still need to add the cost of printing and packaging.

Obviously these figures may be deducted for more modest approach, but much limited success of the project without sufficient variety of designs, colors and sizes, can hardly enter your shirts in a distribution channel.

We left and you are?? All projects have some degree of investment, nothing is free. But you can apply your imagination to invest better. Imagine you could print t-shirts to sell them measures. Just buy 2 units by size and color, and repondrás as bandages, which investment would be reduced to 2 models x 5 sizes x 10 colors x 2 units = 200 t. The rest you spend it on a t-shirt printer TexjetPLUS , which have not yet reached even half of what you were going to ask before. And you’re not limited to 25 designs but you can submit a collection of 100 … or 200!

Do you begin to see more clearly? We do. And our customers well. And your customers … delighted to have both to choose between. Now you know the secret of why the printer as profitable TexjetPLUS shirts. Do not tell anyone and take advantage of it. Or contact us and tell you more things.