Young people develop applications for 30 hours in hackathon from Microsoft and the USM

Campus Santiago San Joaquin de la Universidad Santa Maria received the audience, who were devoted to developing applications for the Windows 8 operating system with sleeping bag and a computer. A “hackathon” for more than 30 hours programming was carried out in the WOWZAPP of Microsoft and the Santa Maria University event, conducted in the Santiago San Joaquin Campus of the University. Your objective: gather as many people as possible who are excited about developing applications for the Windows 8 operating system, giving all possible support, through tools and expert advice.

Eduardo Mangarelli, Director of technology development and platforms for Microsoft Latin America Group, explained that “over the weekend we share talks and presentations on how to display and how to build a business around applications model. At the same time we gave space to students and young professionals develop applications and link people with common interests. It is an instance to implement ideas that all these people have in their head.”

people develop

Professional integration and convergence

One of the uniqueness of this event is that it not only brought together computer. It was also open to the participation of designers, game developers, and any professional linked and interested with the possible creation of a mobile application. To be able to finalize an application, independent of the specialty area, is that Microsoft had had the presence of experts from different areas who advised attendees during the process.

With regard to the foregoing, Mangarelli added “when we look at applications, are not just the product of a software technician. Design, user experience is also required, for which we believe things that are attractive, that are easy to use, then that multidisciplinary practice that occurs around application development is very interesting”.

Thus, he emphasized the joint work carried out by a University and a private. “It is very good to see how in recent years both areas have come much closer, it is extremely prevailing to complement the academic and formal aspects of the University with the reality of the industry of the day to day and practice which can have a company such as Microsoft”, said.

This event remained open its doors to a great diversity of people, not only of the USM, but of any University in the country, allowing to generate spaces for Exchange and work.

Therefore, Adolfo Gonzalez, designer and Assistant to the event, appreciated the atmosphere of diversity and camaraderie that characterized this “hackathon”.It is interesting, because it looks beyond the functionality and structure; it comes to the design, then viewed from the technical to the interface that the user receives. Covers several areas that today in day being used. “Dress my children because I thought it was a good environment to get to know what is happening today, I’m more interested from the point of view of design, but also I want them now to see if it is striking them something”, commented.

Finally, after 30 hours of programming, were the best works. Carlos Arias, with Cammefect, similar to Instagram application; won first place won second place Daniel Hernández with Taxchiletro and the third Luis Sepúlveda, who developed a recipe for national drinks.