Two young entrepreneurs launch Murcia appliances online store electroKing.

It opened last December as a physical store appliances in Murcia and now bursting onto the online channel in order to reach the rest of the Spanish territory and offer top brand appliances at discounted prices Murcia Two youths just launched a new online store appliances ( ) seeking the niche in the market despite the tough economic crisis which we live. Francisco A. Lopez (26) and Alejandro Lopez (20) are two brothers who since December 2011 run an appliance store in Murcia.

Young entrepreneurs say that “the results are still very positive despite the economic crisis, as we have drawn from initially in a very neat picture and prices. ” But now have decided to go also for the online channel to increase sales, reach the rest of the Spanish geography and grow.

young entrepreneurs offered in all kinds of top brand appliances at discounted prices or offer: from washing machines, refrigerators and ovens to televisions, or any small appliance. The website offers various services such as the possibility of installing appliances and removal of old or the hiring of additional guarantees for their purchases. In addition, residents of Murcia are able to collect orders in the physical store and avoid shipping costs.

In the words of Francis A. Lopez: “We try to give you the confidence and the services of a typical appliance store lifetime but now on the net. Therefore, we focus, among other things, for various forms of contact as an interactive chat where immediately resolve any questions or queries and facilitate thus, vendor-customer communication. ”

Expectations are that every time you buy more appliances on the network. According to data collected by, Spain stands around 2-3% in the sale of appliances over the Internet, compared to 10-12% in other European countries, which means that there is still some way to go and it is certainly a great opportunity.