Group of young entrepreneurs

This is a project promoted by a group of young entrepreneurs who originated in Silicon Valley Madrid, The platform already has more than 400 business projects, 90% of which are from the Internet industry and mobile applications, while that the remaining 10% is made ​​up of private R & D + i, or traditional business offline projects. InvierteMe has been selected by Microsoft to be part of its “Acceleration of startups and technology-based SMEs” in its first edition in our country.

young entrepreneurs

After several months in private beta, InvierteMe, which aims to become an international reference for entrepreneurs , and in a meeting with investors and institutions via the Internet, has launched its open beta enabling registration and access to Facebook and Twitter. In it, any entrepreneur can find all the facilities to accelerate their ideas or projects, as for example to find other entrepreneurs to join their teams, given specialized training to enhance their skills, find mentors, or look for various funding sources according to their business model.

Ultimately, InvierteMe has launched its “talent community “in which investors can choose the best idea to invest. So far, the platform has more than a thousand registered users and more than 400 projects created company. Of these, 90% are projects for internet and mobile applications, while the remaining 10% is made ​​up of private R & D + i, or traditional business offline projects. “Right now we have very mature projects on the platform, some of which have received funding or are in an advanced stage and have significant revenues,” says the CEO of InvierteMe, Hector M. Morell, who underlined that in the first months of operation, have been close alliances with institutions and investment networks of Spain and Latin America.

Not surprisingly, they have managed to open an office in the Americas. One of the major developments has come from the hand of Microsoft. And the U.S. giant InvierteMe has selected to be part of its “Acceleration of startups and technology-based SMEs” in its first edition in our country. entrepreneurs The program combines an intensive practical work plan of three months, acceleration methodology Barrabes Next and technological environment Microsoft. “Because investors are now saturated with projects, InvierteMe was created to provide a solution to all those entrepreneurs who have good projects, and have not gotten the support they need through traditional channels,” explains the CEO of the company.

A project originated in Silicon Valley InvierteMe is an initiative that originated in Silicon Valley. At the end of its second year, the 14 winners Yuzz Banesto Foundation, among whom was Hector M. Morell, were recognized with a training trip to San Francisco. They had the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley, to network with entrepreneurs and investors Americans, trained in the universities of Berkeley and Stanford, as well as visiting the major companies based in Palo Alto: Google, IDEO and Intel among others.

It was there that he began to take shape this new idea with the aim to promote, encourage and train entrepreneurs of any age to help them take their projects forward. Hector M. Morell, John Merolla – digital marketing expert – or Carlos Ruiz Tapiador -emprendedor/inversor who founded ECONTA, subsequently acquired company BBVA, and current or Contygo TMClick Founder, tracks companies in which the venture capital fund DAD-are some professionals who have come together to launch InvierteMe. Hector M. Morell, InvierteMe CEO, says that “80% of entrepreneurs do not quite know where to find funding or how to surround yourself with a good team, while the remaining 20% is dedicated to overwhelm investors with projects still very immature.” With a team of over 10 people, InvierteMe currently stands as one of the online platforms to promote private enterprise focused more resources motivation and support of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem through talent retention, management and maturation of ideas and projects, and the search for new paths to find the funding required in order to transform the projects viable business realities.

A meeting to share thoughts and give visibility to new projects. A place to find funding or keep abreast of everything that happens in the entrepreneurial community. InvierteMe is a web platform that focuses on entrepreneurship as a means of growth and structuring of the social economy, facilitating the promotion of new projects and offering training focused on enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of our users in a sincere and free. The proximity of InvierteMe and novel concepts Matching, or Coo-petition Gamification longer attracting users from all over the planet. Motivation becomes the main tool of the entrepreneur.

InvierteMe team in Spain: 1) Hector M. Morell – Founder and CEO 2) Victor Martinez – Director of Operations 3) Miguel A. Martin – Director of Back End 4) Pablo Martinez – Director of Front End 5) John Merolla – Director of Marketing 6) Carlos Ruiz Tapiador – CFO 7) Amine Khaldi – Business Expansion 8) Diego Vasquez – Designer Figure 9) Aymar Celdran – Designer Web 10) Dario Veledo – Programmer 11) José Fabra – Programmer 12) Ignacio de la Cruz – Programmer 13) Granada Hernandez – Blogger 14) Carlos Merodio – Social Media Manager InvierteMe equipment in Latin America: 15) Rolando Crusader 16) Sandy Fifth 17 ) Cynthia Quispe 18) Yessica Ruiz Sponsors and Partners: Major national and international companies, rely on the project from the beginning and provide services to the users of the platform: Contygo LeQuid Nerion DMDIMA DVazquez Communication Firm With Accent.