You start a business online

Write the content

This is where most mistakes. People think that Google does not realize when copying articles from other sites, write articles spam or fake information. Google is aware of everything.

business online

Therefore, the best sites are those with comprehensive, original and well written. It is vital that when you start a business online , consider these aspects. An important tip is that by starting a business online , type content of 2 to 3 pages at least 3 times a week.

It’s hard work at first, but once you take into account Google in the search, you can slow down and begin to develop other aspects of your business.

Offer or sell the product

It is important not to be cheeky with the way it sells. I will talk about each point as selling online so that you understand what I mean:

Internet Business 1: Physical products

It is vital to have a clear list of their products, with a description of both short and another long. Include images, contact forms and a section for quotes.

Internet Business 3: Advertising

Too bad reputation gives publicity to your site. A regular site has approx. 50% of people who remain on the site after 5 seconds of seeing it. When you have too much publicity, this percentage can be as high as 90%. Therefore, strategically place advertising and the second of your page.

Internet Business 4: Services

The same rules apply to physical products. And importantly, say “it does.” If you put just “virtual consultancy” for example, is not understood. Consutoría what? What for whom? How is it, in person or online? Who does it?

Internet Business 1: Intangibles

There are two strategies in this business. The first and most widely used is to get the email of the person and send a series of emails trying to sell. I personally do not agree with it, the mail I see it as a way to create a relationship with the person and then offer my products, not directly shoot to sell. The second way is to offer their products as if they were tangible, with a catalog, prices, description, etc.. This is used sites like and selling both physical and intangible products (ebooks, music, etc)

Optimizing the site

If you develop a website without optimizing it is like doing nothing. Optimization means that the site fits the requirements of Google, like putting tags H1, H2, H3, keywords and titles to your pages, have a description of the site have direct links, etc..

You can search in English as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is truly an art. Any detail can affect your site.

For example, you know that site age is a factor that takes into account google? That is, will give higher scores to sites that are older to those new. Hence we see many sites in the first place with more than 3 years.

Persevere and be patient

Just as Rome was not built in overnight, start an online business also takes time. Be patient and do what I say in this article and in a few months will see results.

Finally, if you are interested in developing an online course on how to start a business online, let me know in the comments below. I’ll take a break from taking courses, but if I see there are many who want more information gladly develop it.