You are guilty, you must resign

Today there is little doubt: Barroso, Olli Rehn, Van Rompuy and European Commission are fully responsible and should resign. Guilty of wrong diagnosis of the crisis, the wrong treatment, delaying patient care, to persist in error and even intensify it.

Mirabais for inflation when we moved into recession, the deficit will preocupabais when the problem was the growing austerity predicasteis expansionary policies when needed, atendisteis late and wrong to Greece and I became chronically ill with contagious diseases. And even though the treatment was not it impusisteis Ireland to Spain and the rest of the Eurozone.

You are guilty, you must resign

Recetasteis severe public spending cuts, affecting the welfare pillars and causing a huge drop in income, consumption and revenue, which in turn reduce the deficit prevented or if he did not what you expected, while debt continued to grow.

All your forecasts and estimates have failed. All your policies have failed.
In Cyprus, at the height of your cheek, you have decided first that depositors pay your help, after you changed the criteria, which are paying in excess of 100,000 euros. Back in a change of opinion that bankruptcy principles that you yourselves proclamasteis you gave to the world and to publicize the legal security of deposits and depositors.

before you tried to sell the idea that the deposits had to tax because 40% of them were dubious origin. We’re tired of that from anecdotal or minority situation, the adoption of rules that affect everyone. But yesterday you realized the immorality of these deposits?

How many times have you changed your mind? How many times have delayed the decision making? How many times have you said that your recipes will reward and that is the only thing to do?

Even today you still saying that all these sacrifices will be rewarded. It will be yours and that of the countries that are financing cheaper than ever, while others suffer. Why German banks do not pay the error of their investments? If there is no growth how to pay the debts. How you expect to pay two billion euros private (households and firms) and the eight hundred billion public debt. Divide by the number of Spanish and you will see as we play.

‘ll someday grow, of course. We are digging a deep trench in the ground (unemployment, business closures, migration, research deficit …), one day we will no longer dig and then, but we are very far from the place from which we began to fall , slowly go up and say that is the fruit of your policy, when the weather is just makes everything that came down to the bottom, back up.

devalue are guilty of democracies and freedoms, undermine the welfare state , to extend the lack of solidarity and anger.

Derrocasteis governments (of our sympathy or not, were democratic) impusisteis technocrats in front of the cabinets, which then did not go through the filter of the elections and the resulting growth ending was anti-democratic forces , anti-European, xenophobic and populist.

now almost a year ago we warned you in this blog that hopelessness that your driving policies create conditions that propel unworthy sparking reactions as the Treaty of Versailles.

You are guilty of devaluing Europe, plegaros to dictates of Germany, plegaros to moral judgments of Wolfgang Schäuble and Merkel, as she delves into the political disaffection.

Schäuble Why speak of moral damage? How the obligation to pay the debts because we have lived beyond our means? Who lived above their means? Who gave the credit to be living above possibilities? And our banks, who gave credit to live above the chances? Where does it begin, then, the theory of moral damage? Are guilty and you do not understand still there.