You can help your customers?

Attract new customers and retain them is an essential aspect of a successful business. A customer engagement strategy well planned you will identify customer needs and strengthen their links with your company.


Engaging clients rests entirely on the interaction between you, as an entrepreneur, and your current and potential customers. Ask your customers to comment on your products and services, and take the time to respond to their comments, criticisms and suggestions help establish a lasting relationship with them.

So how do you go about mobilizing customers?
• Solicit their feedback – What can you do to increase customer satisfaction? Put your knowledge to your clients – for example, answer the questions your customers, offer free workshops or post-to videos online.
• Perform market research to learn more about the needs of your customers.
• Enlist the participation of customers in the development of your products or services (By tests performed by consumers).
• Use of social media tools to build rapport with your customers.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing customer relationships is the resolution of customer complaints. However, a complaint from a customer can be a great opportunity to improve your service. An unhappy customer can warn you against a problem that you were previously unknown and this information could be very useful. Able to resolve a complaint satisfactorily can be a rewarding experience that helps strengthen the relationship you
establish with your client.

To resolve complaints from your customers, you are advised:
• to respond quickly and courteously;
• to be attentive to your customer;
• provide a correction (as a repair, replacement or refund);
• to apologize, saying “we’re sorry you’re upset” can help ease a difficult situation;
• reflect the value of a satisfied customer, it may be advisable to absorb a small loss if it allows you to keep a good customer.

Promote client engagement can help you build lasting relationships with your customers and generate positive publicity through word of mouth. Consult our sales management and customer relations for information to develop your strategy for managing customer relationships within your company.

Sales Management and Customer Relations

Want to increase your sales and effectively manage your relationships with customers and the general public? See how you go about using these valuable resources.

Resources for Sales Management
• BDC Perspective: Secrets of the sale
Want to increase your sales? Here are seven important tips on how to keep your customers, make sales and improve your profits.
• Understand your competition
Learn how to determine who your competitors, conduct research on what they do and act on the information you get.
• Sales Planning
Learn how to put your sales process in motion and get tips on generating leads and converting them into appointments.
• Predict and plan your sales
Find out how to develop a sales forecast and make a sales plan.
• Negotiations
When you brew business, you must inevitably go through the negotiation stage. Learn more about this ability, an essential activity.
• Performance measurement and target setting
Learn about the benefits of performance measurement and target setting for your business, and how to select key performance indicators to measure.
• Measure the performance of sales staff
Measure performance of your sales staff is an important exercise for improving this performance – and your bottom line.
• Tar iffy your products or services
Learn how to establish a pricing strategy and how to study your costs and your pricing to make your business profitable.
• Price lists, estimates, proposals and bids
Learn how to create a price list, preparing proposals and estimates, price a contract and present your prices to your customers.
• Tendering
Learn how to detect potential contracts, what to include in your offer and how to prepare for the best chance of success.
• Enter and track sales
Please review all the steps required to complete a sale and track.
• E-Business
E-business is about utilizing Internet technologies to provide quality service to customers, streamline business processes, increase sales and reduce costs.
• Public Relations and Media Relations
Learn how to market your business.

Resources for Customer Relationship
• What is the customer relationship?
In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential that the management of your customer relationships is systematic, efficient and cost effective.
• Relationship management (CRM)
Read about the pros and cons of a possible relationship management (CRM) and how to put it into practice in your business.
• Knowing your customers’ needs
Learn what you need to know about your customers and how to use this information to raise sales with them.
• Segmenting your customers
Learn how to group your customers into market segments to better understand what they really want, and how to attract profitable customers.
• Identify your most profitable customers and sell more
Identify your most profitable customers and enjoy the tips offered to lift your sales to them and attract new high value customers.
• Manage your customer service
Learn how to use feedback and loyalty schemes to retain existing customers, attract new ones and increase sales.
• Experience of the customer: the consumer’s point of view(available in English only) The first step in providing good service is to listen to your customers. Consider these tips to enhance your brand image and improve your customer service.

• Visitor Satisfaction Program
Applies to: Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia
operators accommodations and campgrounds in Atlantic Canada can use these tools to collect, monitor and analyze customer feedback.