Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If your business has employees, workers’ compensation insurance is required. In general, the needs of a company that began its operations may be covered by the state compensacin fund. As the company grows, you can “explore the market” in search of better prices for coverage. On the other hand, some insurers offer additional services related accidents such as the progestin and risk control services losses that may be beneficial for your business. These services usually are very useful because they reduce claims costs in the long term. Do not confuse risk with progestin responsibility for risk. The insurance company should assume 100% of risk under worker’s compensation insurance.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Other insurance

¤ Car insurance for company vehicles. (Liability, all risks, accidents and uninsured motorist / underinsured).

¤ Health insurance plans tailored to the size of your company (benefit: this coverage is an advantage when recruiting good employees).

Supplemental insurance surplus

The limits of liability are available above the maximums lmite that can give your insurer and can be accessed in two ways:

¤ In general, the additional coverage for risks not covered can be added for an additional cost to the pleated on the basis of respective amounts of USD 500,000 to USD 1 Millner, sometimes up to about $ 5 million.

¤ Acquire what is called a “commercial insurance coverage,” which allows additional coverage to most of the pleated BSIC, including commercial pliz, pliz institutional commercial automobiles and p bles against accidents.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: The insurer has chosen to offer low lmites ms, which is attractive from the point of view of the premiums payable. However, a smart businessman should consider lmites of liability of at least USD 1 Millner. Typically, the additional cost is reasonable and appropriate, considering the difficult business environment of our das.

Example: You, the employer, suffers an accident trfico which determines that you committed a foul. Moreover, because of the accident the person concerned is parapljica. This type of damage can result in multimillion sentence against him.
Liability coverage for labor PRACTICE

The liability insurance coverage is labor PRACTICE starting to become popular among companies and provides bonuses that exceed USD 2,000 per Millner of dollars of coverage. While it is very unlikely to occur PRACTICE claims in respect of work into smaller companies, the threat of dismissal improper or sexual harassment lawsuits, which are excluded from the majority of commercial pliz, increases as business grows.

Life insurance

As mentioned earlier, if you have a partner, your readquisicin agreement may be funded by life insurance in case of death of a partner. The amount of this insurance may increase as your business grows.