Workbench for entrepreneurship major shortcoming fight

Government officials, representatives of organizations and experts in entrepreneurship pro Economics and Business at the University of Santa Maria discussed the main problems of entrepreneurship in the region of Valparaíso. One of the main goals of the “Bureau of the Enterprise for the Region Valparaíso “, is training entrepreneurs younger for Region V. The initiative, organized by the Department of Industries of Santa Maria University, major players convened government, business and civil society organizations working to deepen on improving business efficiency in the Valparaiso area.

During the activity, created by the SEREMI Economy, Mauricio Silva, along with Dr. Christopher Fernandez, Director of Market Engineering (CIMER) Industries Department, were present Ana Maria Pacheco, and Director of SERNAM SEREMI; Milos Miskovic, SERNATUR Regional Director, Eduardo Silva , Manager of Innovation and Business Development Center – CINDE of ASIVA; representatives of CORFO, the Director of “Entrepreneurial Action” V Region, City Macarena, the President of “My SME” V Region, Carmen Greco, Valparaiso INACAP members, and Raul Stegmaier, Director of Industries USM. train younger entrepreneurs During the day we examined the problem of training of entrepreneurs and excessive bordering average age 36 years in Valparaiso.

Workbench for entrepreneurship

“We need to urgently improve entrepreneurship education in specific activities, such as the” Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study carried out by the Department of Industry to know the strengths and weaknesses of the leading entrepreneurs in the Region V , and courses in basic and secondary education to consolidate entrepreneurial skills at an earlier age.

Recall that the GEM study measurements showed that the average age of entrepreneurs is 36 years, “said Christopher Fernandez, Director of Market Engineering Center (CIMER) of the USM. In that sense, Raúl Stegmaier, Director of Industries of Santa Maria University, stressed that the search for high-impact global enterprises in the area is not impossible, but one should not ignore the high percentage of enterprises that are sustaining much of the population, and empower with a more entrepreneurial.

“If we view entrepreneurship as we were wrong, and that entrepreneurship is a means to greater economic and social development of Valparaíso. I think we have a problem of training in basic education, but to accept it and develop it will have a long term effect, not in the immediate future. The second important issue is that many times we talk about entrepreneurship and promote high impact ideas, almost like miracle cures, but there are many smaller entrepreneurial initiatives in Valparaiso who need more support and funding, that is, give a little insight more entrepreneurial, “he said. Decentralization and migration of talent to the capital Another important point discussed was the problem of migration of professionals Fifth Region to better jobs in the metropolitan area, which has a negative effect of dispersion of talent to the capital, rather than the professionals that form in Valparaiso can contribute their knowledge to the territorial development of the area through new businesses and start ups.

“In that line improvement policies are devised so venture too centralized, so the plans designed to improve entrepreneurship are not adjusted to the reality of Valparaiso. That is why at this table could discuss long-term issues with sectors such as mining is a sector that will be critical to the future in the region “said Eduardo Silva, Manager of ASIVA CINDE. Lack of funds and assistance programs to venture Furthermore, we examined the problem of information for people who want to make or improve their businesses, but they do not know the important programs and funds that are specifically designed for entrepreneurs in the region, which are often not comprehensively exploit the ignorance of the parties and the evidence is little call for aid. This situation was discussed by Rodrigo Sanchez, Region V CORFO representative who clarified that multiple support that exist in the state agency could be used in better ways.

Regarding this innovative initiative led by the Department of Industrial and USM, Ana Maria Pacheco , Sernam SEREMI and Region V Director noted that “clearly in the Bureau of Labor have identified that there is a problem that must be solved to achieve progress and development of the region, which is composed of provinces and districts that have different characteristics one of the other, and also make strategic work to support entrepreneurs who are already having their business, but also provide a strategic work long-term regional vision that has to do with entrepreneurship education and consolidation of subjects have authority from the school to come up with their new business, “he said. Notably, the second working for Entrepreneurship in the region of Valparaiso will be held on August 9 at USM, and will open to welcome new guests such as SEREMIS of Labor, Education, Health and director of the Internal Revenue Service and others, to begin to develop concrete proposals for the region.