Why Update the Software of your Mobile Phone?

Software or firmware update is an important feature for mobile phones. Updates are made to enhance some features, the usability and performance of a handset. It is important that you are aware if an update is available for your device since these will fix any bugs (if there are any) from the previous software version. You may get updates on your phone via Over the Air (OTA) or by connecting your mobile with your computer and use software that comes from your phone’s manufacturer (sometimes from a CD installer that is included in the sales package).

There a times when an update will bring new user interface on your phone, new icons and new applications that the manufacturer of the phone thinks that the end user would like to add on your their devices. Also, updates will enhance the performance of the phone, like improve the battery life; which is very important for smartphones, better wireless connectivity; for great browsing experience when using wireless LAN, and even new customization feature like configuring font size; useful if you need bigger font to read texts, bigger or new clock icon and many more.

When updating your mobile’s software always make sure that you have an idea of what could happen on your handset since some updates could remove all the personal data on your handset or in worst cases, even leave the phone dead if the steps to update are not correctly executed. It is best to take precautions before performing an update since this is a delicate process that includes changing the software of you device. You should always make a backup of your files before attempting an update, read any disclaimer that might prompt to you before updating, and the best thing, is to ask the phone company the things you should do when updating.

In conclusion, we should take advantage of the available updates on our phone to get new features and enhancements that are designed to optimize the usage of our mobile phones so that we could enjoy get our money’s worth.

About the author:
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