Why Contact a Legal Recruiter at the End of the Hiring Season?

It’s commonly known in the legal job market that March until June represents a period of significant increase in hiring. Whether or not your law firm is currently in the process of hiring, it could be a very useful move to contact a legal recruiting firm before the hiring season ends due to the increase in competition that you’ll soon face when looking for new legal talent. Building a relationship with a legal recruiter now will prevent your firm from getting stuck in the future when it comes time to hire.

What Causes the Hiring Season?

During this window of time, recruiting at legal firms tends to skyrocket for a few key reasons:

  1. Bonuses for 2018 Have Already Been Paid Out
  2. Budget for 2019 Has Already Been Planned
  3. It’s a Common Hiring Period for Other Industries
  4. It’s Easier for Candidates with Children to Relocate after the School Term

These core explanations will give you reason to start planning ahead for this season on a yearly basis, but if you want to learn the more nuanced factors – which will help you to navigate the hiring process in a more expertly fashion – then you need to seek out the advice of a legal recruiter.

How Legal Recruiters Can Help

Legal headhunters are professionals who work to learn all of the nuances of the legal job pool, including new trends in hiring. While recruiters are known for their expert ability to match law firms with the top legal talent available, their expertise and capabilities extend far beyond the initial candidate hunt. Whether or not you think you already have a good sense of what legal recruiters can offer your firm, you should check this out to learn more about the potential changes that have developed in their services.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late

If the hiring season hasn’t hit your firm yet, then you can’t afford to wait any longer. A legal recruiter will give you the boost you need after the legal job market has already thinned out. New legal graduates know the advantages of contacting a legal recruiter to get them placed in the best law firms, so failing to act can result in mediocre talent.

Soliciting Year-round Help

Legal recruiters can help you to prepare months in advance of the hiring season. They’ll also inform your firm of the yearly nuances in the legal job market that can give your firm the advantage it needs to secure the best new lawyers.

Law firms often maintain a continuing partnership with their legal recruiting team in order to ensure that that firm remains among the most desirable places to work. Legal recruiters can help you plan for the long term by helping you negotiate compensation and develop alongside legal job market trends.

No matter what time of year it is, any competitive law firm needs to keep in close contact with legal recruiters to stay ahead of the game in hiring new candidates. The days when job postings were all you needed to acquire the best people are long over. Contact a legal recruiter before the hiring season ends to ensure that you get every chance you can get to hire the top-quality legal talent.