What is the purpose of a domain name?

I have a friend who calls me the “Queen of the domain names” because I once had about 50 domains. I got rid of some (now I have only 22) as my business was changing and developing, or just left when I was losing interest in the project. I am often asked how I choose effective domain names, so in my capacity as “Queen of the domain names”, I will share this process with you.


1. What is the purpose of a domain name?

Do you plan to use this name as the main website of your company, as a site for a page type “presentation” or a place to extract data from visitors? If the domain name is for the main website of your company, choose the version most similar to the name of your company. If just beginning, choose the name of your business and your domain carefully. When I started my virtual assistant service, I chose the name SOHO Business Solutions, thinking that meant everyone knew that SOHO Small Office, Home Office. I think I only met 2 people in the 7 years of my company who knew the meaning of that acronym. If I had to do it all back, choose a business name and a domain name that had the words “virtual assistant” in the title, as
AsistenteVirtualdeMarketingporInternet.com, a name I just bought.

If the domain is for website display a single page or a page type to extract data from visitors, think ahead how you will promote it. As in the world of Internet marketing content is most important, it is highly unlikely that search engines put the sites in the best positions for your keywords. Therefore, your best promotion strategy is PPC or “pay per click” where to purchase keywords that appear in search engines. If you buy keywords on Google, for example, payments are listed at the beginning of the search in a blue square or bottom right of the screen. Must ensure that the information displayed is compelling enough for someone to want to click and visit your site. For example, I created a page called ObtengaMasClientesOnline.com to extract data, which offers a compelling solution to a common problem with many of my clients, as a portal to get to my website on coaching called CompañiaDeCoachingParaEmpresasOnline.com.

2. Brainstorm about the problem you are trying to solve or the solution you have in your hands.
A domain name that clearly indicates what you do or you can solve a problem or the solution to a problem that has, will give your visitor a fairly clear picture of what you’ll find on its website. Usually, I visit my registry operator www.UltraNetDomains.com domain names, and just beginning to put the names that occur to me until I find 3 or 4 that are available. If the name you like is unavailable, the service will provide about 10 alternatives for evaluation. This list of alternatives recently I found it quite useful to choose the site name in a directory of articles that I create.