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In the first six months of the year, the brand has achieved significant growth in social networking Between January and June this year, Kia has gained 25% more users in the social network Twitter, while doubling the number of Facebook users who follow the brand, surpassing the 100,000 fans. The YouTube channel of the brand has become a benchmark in the automotive field.

Thus, in the first six months of the year has registered up to half a million views with about 331,000 minutes of content display estimated. Vintage has been working on the development of campaigns and actions such as “Mission Nadal”, launched on the occasion of the return to the tennis courts Spaniard, or presentation, on the one hand, new models KIA Carens KIA pro_cee’dy , and secondly, rising star in basketball courts and support the brand.

business strategy

Madrid – Vintage Communication agency has achieved since last January, a major advance in the KIA positioning thanks to the new Social Media Strategy result of collaboration between the two. Specifically, in the first six months of the year, the brand has achieved significant growth in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Thus, it has achieved a 25% increase in the number of users who follow KIA via Twitter, while doubling the number of fans of the brand on Facebook, surpassing 100,000 followers now.

In both social networks have established a daily conversation with users, with which it interacts in an immediate and constant. It also has improved engagement with users, which reaches 76%. In regards to YouTube, route by which it distributes all the audiovisual material KIA, channel brand has become a benchmark in the automotive field. In six months has registered 500,000 reproductions estimated around 331,000 minutes of content display. In parallel, Vintage is working on positioning KIA in other social networks like Tuenti, for which it is developing a strategy focused on a younger audience, Flickr or Pinterest. Also, since last January, Vintage has worked closely with Innocean Worldwide Spain, the KIA ad agency to take forward various activities and campaigns.

Including “Mission Nadal”, which were obtained hundred thousand impacts. The initiative sought to encourage Rafa Nadal in his return to action after his injury, for which they created an app in which users could give a shout of encouragement was going to inflate a virtual helium balloon. When the balloon was completed, was held to launch a racket signed by Nadal into space, representing the place where everyone wanted to see again the tennis player: at the top. The campaign was a success in participation and impact. Also there have been several actions with bloggers, presenting one side pro_cee’dy new Kia Carens Kia models both online and offline media and other sports to new promises to support the brand in tennis and basketball (Jaume Munar and Dani Diez). Both events had hundreds of people belonging to the world’s press on and offline. The secret of success of these campaigns is based on active listening and constant Internet users on any matter relating to the brand.

Response offer the most immediate way possible and deliver quality content and interest on a daily basis Kia and major networks. All this, under the guidance of a clear strategy and constant monitoring both weekly and monthly that seen throughout the automotive environment. “It is a pleasure to work with a brand like Kia. It is an effective team and well aware of the importance of their online strategy, in addition to unstoppable activity both brand shares as those related to the multiple sponsorships of it. Moreover, its evolution is so amazing in quality and design, which is a joy to accompany them on this adventure to success, “said Laura Alexander, CEO of Vintage Communication. For his part, Marcelo Ferrando, founder of Vintage, added: “It’s a real pleasure to have begun working with Kia, a company wanting to grow in e-PR and Social Media who understands and knows the world 2.0.

Consistently collaborate with us to form a team, along with the agency Innocean, which allows us to fully enjoy this experience. ” “Since we are betting heavily Kia strengthen our presence on social networks, being aware that this involves constant monitoring and proactive management of interactions are generated. For this it is necessary to rely on the experience of professionals and Vintage Communication proved to be the final choice after the contest with some of the best agencies in early do. Social channels are the gateway to active listening, but they, as Social Media Managers are our ears from many conversations. They take the pulse of the interests of our audience, the reactions of users to our marketing campaigns and actions with sponsors.

This information helps us make better decisions, ending in most relevant content for our audience, both on and offline channels and reflect the attitude and proactive young brand, “said Florian Fellner, Communication Manager of Kia. About Vintage Vintage Communication. Communication is a digital native agency specializing in online marketing and communication. It covers fields like Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Community Management, corporate and photography, not forgetting the traditional communication. Its basis is to create strategies linked to new channels of communication and application of creativity that promotes the differentiation of their customers.

About Kia Motors Kia Motors- maker of quality vehicles for the young at heart was founded in 1944 and is the manufacturer of motorized Korea’s oldest. Over 2.7 million Kia vehicles are produced annually in nine manufacturing and assembly plants in five countries, which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering 150 countries around. Kia today has over 47,000 employees worldwide. It is the main sponsor of Rafa Nadal and automotive partner of FIFA – the governing body of the FIFA World Cup ™. ‘s motto Kia Motors Corporation Brand – “The Power to Surprise” – represents the company’s global commitment with customer expectations by continuous innovation. Kia is present in Spain since 1992, and has since achieved inroads into the Spanish market thanks to continued growth in sales and the launch of quality products.