What business is profitable?

One of the problems that an entrepreneur faces is the question ” What business is profitable ? “

The profitability of a business, in simple terms, is the utility that generates a business over time compared with the initial investment of both money, goods, equipment and expenses. To understand what business is profitable, I’ll explain some points that must be considered, since the question involves many issues:


What business is profitable?

There is a direct response to say, “This business is profitable.” Much depends on the industry in which it is the business and its business or activity. (I recommend reading the post of good business opportunities to see opportunities in the industry). For example, the technology industry is taking incredible boom, we have new and popular as iPods, tablet PCs, laptops under $ 200 U.S. dollars … however, the yield varies in terms of activity you do.

For example, the producers of technological devices such as cell phones, they lose money! The way you make money is with monthly payment plans which force you to hire for a minimum of 2 years. Another case (bringing the micro-entrepreneur) is selling computers.

Despite being a product that has a lot of demand, the counterpart is that it has a lot offer. So prices have become cheaper, but they make the profit margins of the vendors are so low.

What business is profitable? Depends on the business plan

Consider this scenario: you decide to put this business of selling computers, because it is growing in demand for computers. The difference between winning little and have a very profitable business is your business plan .

It’s very different “think” that a business is profitable and only this reason, put it in the overnight (this happens very frequently and almost always ends in a failed business) to “investigate and verify” that the business is profitable through a business plan ideas, numbers and figures specific to your business profitability.

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