What are the Advantages of Vesconite Plastic Products?

Made with internally lubricated polymers, vesconite is known as a specialized thermoplastic and it unlubricated conditions it gives low wear. Today you can find different kinds of vesconite plastic products in the market and vesconite is a durable product which replaced the bushing and bearing materials. They have huge load bearing capacity and they cannot get affected by wear and tear. Apart from that, vesconite plastic products are not get affected by low frictions and they have huge strength than other products. You do not need to apply any manual lubrication on vesconite plastic products and they can even work under harsh temperature. Most of these products are used in the industrial sectors, and you can also find them in marine and agricultural industries. Vesconite have impressive dimensional flexible stability and they are made with some additional synthetic materials. In this article you will read about the advantages of using vesconite plastic products.

Advantages of using Vesconite Plastic Products:

You can find different kinds of vesconite plastic products in the market such as rods, plates and custom-made parts. People can replace the normal plastic or metal products with vesconite products because they have many advantages such as:

  • Lubrication: vesconite plastic products are made with built-in lubricants and they can bear the low frictions. They are durable, and they can last longer than any other plastic products. Even you do not need to apply any manual lubrication on these products and you can use them for longer period without any maintenance cost.
  • Wear resistant: vesconite plastic products have high wear resistant capacity and they can provide you better services than bronze bushings. Due to poor lubrications, traditional materials can be affected adversely, and you need to change those products recurrent times. To save your time and cost, you can use the vesconite products because they do not get affected by wear and poor lubrication. Even they can also work with utmost efficiency under dirty environment.
  • Load bearing capacity: vesconite plastic products have very creep rates and they have high tolerance power. They have higher load bearing capacity than nylon products and their comprehensive strength cannot get affected by water absorption.
  • Flexible: vesconite products cannot get affected by water and humidity level. But if you use nylon products then they can swell by the water and humidity and you need to repair them or replace them after certain time. Nylon products are moisture resistant, but vesconite products are completely moisture resistant. It is very easy to develop the desire products with vesconite materials. But you need to know the fabrication and exterusion process for that and it is better to get the readymade vesconite plastic products from online store.
  • Low frictions: as stated earlier that vesconite plastic products have dynamic friction capacity and they have 0.08% or less frictions capacity. But bronze and nylon products have less frictions capacity and vesconite products can also provide you higher PV ratio than other products.
  • Temperature resistant: you can easily use the vesconite plastic products under 100-degree temperature because dry vesconite products can resist hear up to 120°C and wet vesconite products can bear 60 to 70-degree centigrade temperature.

Vesconite is a clear replacement of bearing materials and old-style bushing and apart from that its products are shafts friendly and they are very cost effective. Even vesconite products cannot get affected by dilute or moderate acids and organic solvents. You can also use them for your oil and petroleum industries. Now to get the vesconite products, you can search them online and check their durability and warranty.