What to do if you want to change market niche in your business?


If you take some time with your business and for some reason you have decided to make such a radical change as it is change your ideal client changing  market niche probably will go through an instance in which you’ll find yourself overwhelmed disoriented and not knowing where start.  If you are at this point, this article will help you to organize and take successful steps.


First, it’s good to know why you’re doing it. I think everything is summed up in two situations:  because you want to or because you have. If it is the latter and must make a change, you have probably found that this group of people who were trying to sell your services is really far from being an ideal client. They do not have the resources to invest or are unwilling to invest in a solution to the problem you solve are the most common. 

In any case, if you are in this group, I will not lie to you: surely, there is a bit of disappointment and frustration in this decision. If you need to, take a moment to grieve and gather strength to start again. Keep in mind that although can now be hurt and confused, this change is what you need and everything will get better soon. If instead you are making this change because you want to your situation is probably different and you find yourself with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to move forward.

Before you think about whom you can help it is good to know who you are, what you have to contribute and how different you are from other similar professionals. And yes it is because this radical change is good but also very personal you need BEFORE you start working on your future ideal client. Once you have these answers this discovery, keep in mind that the best you can do is  capitalize on this talent and what you’ve accomplished in your business “former” in  order to bring it to your new business. When you already have a business and you have a community of followers it is highly likely that already have large tracks of what will be your next ideal client. You just have to be able to read the signals correctly.

You may have been emailed to you, contacted by social networks or on your website, people who did not exactly match your previous niche and asked for help. This same thing happened to me in my own business. I started with an ideal client especially made up of leaders and managers of companies who wanted to progress in their jobs but I did not stop contacting these and other professionals who, far from wanting to continue with their old job, wanted to become independent. Hearing this is the difference between a simple and rapid transition, a truly complex and a little more suffering.

Even if you already have a lot of experience in a previous business as you know from tip to tip how to implement the 7 successful strategies for your independent business you’re starting from scratch with this new business. You have to redesign the strategies implement them and that takes time. Surely, you want to make a change in your online profiles your website your blog, and you will definitely have to change and adapt all your communication. In addition, it is possible that your previous community is reduced to zero almost zero and you have to start again by attracting and connecting with new followers and potential customers.