I will not venture into a business

Several months ago I get my own e-mail an article that had to do with the current crisis and I was surprised that there are comments made ​​by speaking of Robert Kiyosaki and the barrage of criticism he had received advice from the author that promotes self-employment (self-employment as a work to the crisis has increased in recent years) and critical education .

Robert Kiyosaki

In that article, commented that many people had ventured to leave their formal jobs and start a business without knowing anything about it and ended up failing , often losing their remaining capital and practically bankrupt.

This makes me think and I believe many are misinterpreting the words of Kiyosaki , which simply shows that there are other options to formal employment (where you receive a monthly salary, often not according to your profession), but also recommended training that can not, for example, if you enter a business before, have not done a business plan or have not done a market research, etc..

Here is an example of what they mean, read page LaVozDigital.es , this is the story of a young man who has descepcionado own business:

It takes several months with the sign of “close settlement” since at the entrance of his tent, called Perfume Numa Essences … Ana has decided to close his business and does so after two years fighting to get him out afloat.

The economic crisis and lack of sales have been with her, which has been in the position of having to close and having to give up the illusions that pushed him to take risks. “It’s hard, but there is no exit ‘statement.

Ana decided to open his own business because “I was tired of working for other people for hours with few rewards . Here at least had the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, although I recognize that many headaches and now I prefer someone else to have them. I learned a lesson from this experience and will not open another location, so I have to return to work for others, “he insists.

Surely if you were to open a business you think again and maybe you do not risk it, but believe that all are equal?, Or believe that successful entrepreneurs have had several failures?, There is an interesting phrase ” Do not expect the change things if you do something else first . ”

If someone told you to open your own business is easy, you’re lying, because it is not, is something that involves a lot of effort and hours of personal commitment is to learn and learn, is to try and try, but once achieved you will feel really what it is to succeed.

This effort often you use it in the company you work for, why not could be applied to your own business? clear that you could if you wanted … if you decide it for you, and do not forget the training that is important and I will continue to support you here with tips for success in the Business Excellent .