Velilla Industrial Clothing online outlet opens

Release is Velilla again. The service incorporates leading an outlet to the client area of its website, serving the needs of its customers at very competitive prices. “This new step Velilla Industrial Finishing in the interest of the company by listening to its customers and provide the best service “Enrique Fernandez has said Allen, Director of the company. Velilla provides its customers, plus an extensive network of dealers that provide personalized attention, various tools that the company has been refined from that in 2010 began its transformation stage.

In that year the plant opened robotic Albacete, with 20,000 square meters expandable, greatly increasing its logistics capacity. The corporate identity of the company was renewed. It produced a revised edition of the catalog and more practice on paper and made ​​available to its customers all of its extensive catalog into a new web platform that has not stopped growing. Velilla few months ago had a specific area for customers within your website, which incorporated a number of features designed to facilitate the work of users, including: view the history of bills and download, manage or edit easily orders, may file the favorites and even enter multiple shipping addresses.

Velilla Industrial Clothing

The process of evolution of the company and its quest to provide optimized solutions to its customers continue to bear fruit. This time has been to implement an outlet Velilla, available only to registered customers. Offering users a tool in order to find a large number of products at competitive prices while maintaining the seal, quality and service that characterize the company.

How the online outlet

Through the client area, you access the new section of the outlet, where you can find a limited supply of products Velilla usually available in various sizes and colors, which are sold at exceptional prices for specified periods of time. In this way the company can liquidate excess stock and their customers benefit from unique opportunities workwear.

Upon entering, you will find a gallery of featured items and may delve into the details of each of them as they all show products available outlet, complementing the pictures and descriptions of the series to which they belong, specific information items and the amount of clothes in stock for each size and color in real time.

Enrique Fernandez Allén points in this connection that “like the Velilla website, the online outlet has been developed by a technical team, with the assistance of professionals from different departments Velilla has implemented benefits that could be more useful for customers with special attention to the user experience. Good examples of this would be the instant query stock and the ability to conveniently make orders where products are combined outlet and the rest of the website. ”

This section also allows you to benefit from the exceptional service that characterized the company at all levels, from the usual distribution of goods to the smallest detail.

After the order, the order is received at the plant in Albacete Velilla robotic. The logistics center can store up to 10 million garments and is equipped with the latest technology, which enables in-stock orders placed via the client area (outlet included) will be ready for distribution within two hours.

Evolving to meet customer needs

Susana Diez de Vega, Director of Marketing for Industrial Finishing Velilla noted the historic opportunity of enjoying Velilla with evolving business living in all areas, from physical infrastructure to its website, through the new initiatives being undertaken: “The process of internal and external renovation is still a very dynamic and successful stage in which we are undertaking all kinds of actions to improve the service we provide to our customers. The new outlet is part of this renovation and modernization perfectly complements our web site and your customer area undoubtedly have approached our extensive catalog to our loyal customers. ”

At the same time, the marketing director wanted to emphasize in the case of the outlet that \ “our goal is to respond effectively to the needs of our customers. We are aware of the current economic situation, which many of our regular buyers have to greater efforts to control costs, and we think this will be very useful section, as our outlet has all warranties and service Velilla to extremely competitive prices. ”

Meanwhile, Enrique Fernández Allen, chief executive of the company, said “the evolutionary process is unstoppable Velilla. That a traditional company like ours make this effort to stay ahead, to be on top of the times and their clients is undoubtedly a fact not ignored our customers “says the manager. “The online outlet Velilla is a new milestone in the transformation process undertaken by the company two years ago and aims from its beginning to improve, easier and more accessible products to the primary beneficiaries of this change, which are not other than our customers. “