How to enjoy the Easter in the Comunidad Valenciana and Murcia.

Approaching Easter and the beaches are filled with tourists, like the streets of visitors to attend the processions Celebes. Easter is celebrated in only a few days. As it is known, the celebrations during these days, in Spain, are spectacular. Due to the multitude of processions held in the peninsula there is a multitude of tourists visiting our country.

What is the favorite destination to spend the holidays?

As the majority religion in all the countries of Western Europe is cristiana-catolica, there several holidays in all countries at the same time. Both businesses and schools closed. Due to its favored climate and warm temperatures compared with the rest of the countries, Spain is one of the destinations for tourists these days. As every year, there will be a great flood of people coming from all over Europe and from the interior of the peninsula towards different coasts.

enjoy the Easter

A high number of visitors will choose the Commanded Valencia and Murcia, so it is expected a large number of visitors looking for a car rental at the airport of Valencia or Murcia hotel or apartment for rent in Alicante. The forecasts this year are very lacunas by all the voices of the sector which advise us advance booking which are five days in real earnest to 100%.

Why prefer coastal tourists?

Given that they are the first days of the year with Sun and pleasant temperatures, many tourists prefer to come to spend a few days on the beach. Use to absorb the warm rays of Sun, Tan and among the bravest to bathe in the sea. But course, not all the Sun and beach. At the same time Spain is recognized internationally for its processions.

What are the processions?

The processions are a few parades that make in the streets, where walk religious images carried on the shoulders of the so-called “investigation”. Each group of image and investigation is known as “step”. Persons engaged in this train for a long time to take to the streets, on his shoulders, the image of Jesus Christ or the Virgin. All this in a very well organized March, with the numbered steps and a well-established itinerary. For many, it is truly an honor to be able to bear its weight.

I’m going to Valencia, what are the best known processions?

If our destiny is Allocate, the best known is the procession of Santa Cruz, a brotherhood that already has 67 years. The route is one of the toughest because they depart from the Hermitage of Santa Cruz, located at the base of the castle in the old town of the city and cover virtually all the main avenues of Allocate. It is celebrated on Holy Wednesday.

Neutral Sonora de last Agnostics and the Holy Christ of the good death brotherhood are responsible for the procession of silence, which is the Holy Thursday. This procession is one of the more impressive for the majority of visitors.

If we are going to visit the province of Valencia, we have the procession of Alzira, which is one of the most visited of the Valencia Community. Among the most important is that of the Domingo de Ramos, the silence and the General procession of the Holy burial.

The community of Murcia, has always been very religious and Holy week has a very special meaning. A variety of processions are held in the length and breadth of this community.

Still very well connected through its airport and the wide range of tourist services as car rental in Murcia and a variety of accommodation in hotels and apartments in Murcia is one of the favorite places to visit at this time.

The processions in Carrageen have been declared of national tourist interest and stand out for their spectacular steps, the amount of flowers that have been… They are organized by the 4 main brotherhoods in the city (Mar raja, of the Christ relief, California and the risen).

Jumilla processions date back to 15th century dell and the images of its steps have been made by well-known sculptors. The most impressive without a doubt is the Holy Wednesday at the Plaza de Arriba, represented by the townspeople and declared of national tourist interest.

At the same time we can see processions in other cities in the area, which, though not as well known leave no one indifferent and each year attracts more visitors. Locations as Callus de Segura, Prevalent, Elche, Gandia, Lorca, Murcia, Orihuela, offers the visitor a wide range of choice throughout the community.