How to start a used clothing business

The best time to start a used clothing business is when your economy is complicated. Having food on your plate is much more important than being fashionable. Starting a business like this is much easier than any other retailer and you can get your inventory on consignment from many different sources. This means more money in advertising and set up shop. Choose a good location as it is key to any business, but especially for one of this type. People should stop by the store and see that you have products you want to test quality.


Find a good location for the store and negotiate a lease. The lease must be for at least one year with a 30-day notice to vacate. This way if the business does not go well, you’re not obligated to pay the rent. Establish a business plan that shows your budget, how you want to do the advertising and ways to overcome your competitors.

used clothing business

Get a license for the operation of a business. This usually means that you have inspected the store by the local fire department to ensure the safety and registration of your business name.

Start advertising and brochures to hand out. Let people know that you do the grand opening of your business on a particular date you have chosen. Let people know that you will have your clothes on consignment and if the budget allows, buy directly. When you start getting clothes, used only where there is no blemish or has missing buttons. Take care that all the material is of high quality as much as you can and do your customers coming back.

Begin to set up shop and your financial system. If you’re going to have clothes on consignment, you need a system that enables you to track the sales of each person. You can do this using ledgers. Decorate the store for the grand opening and select a good prize to the entry for the opening such as a Wii or something that everyone would like.

Try to get a contact with a local radio station to cover the event of your grand opening. Most of the time it is placed at the entrance of the store. If this is not the case, you can make from your advertising ad section in your program and tell the people who will win a prize with the entry of the event’s Day store opening.

On the day of the grand opening give him two cards to everyone in between. Ask them to pass the second card to a friend who may be interested in your clothes. If you’ve hired some help, make sure it’s nice to people. With product quality, a good working environment and reasonable clothing sale prices, have a great business.