Use a small business and make a daily

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs who are rushing back from work “9 to 5” and then devote more hours to their own small business? You may not be ready to give up the salary of a full-time job, but it may be too difficult to resist the temptation to have your own business.
Many reasons could motivate a person to be both a full-time employee and a contractor part-time, namely:

small business

• pave the way for entrepreneurship allows you to see if this path is right for you.
• test the waters with respect to your business idea, you can determine if your business idea is worth it.
• your salary could be a start-up capital.
• be a customer could generate cash reserves.
• have a proven model can help you get more funding.

Keep in mind the question of balance, when you will receive on a regular basis your paycheck at the same time you start your business. While it is crucial to operate in multi-tasking, it is important to focus on one thing at a time: the work in question. It would be helpful to make the most of things like:

• free time – use your breaks, your free time when you’re commuting and early morning hours when you are awake;
• Technology – the new tools could help you better organize yourself and be more efficient.
• your support network – why not delegate tasks to your family or friends?
• scheduling – how many projects do you support in the hours you have available?
• self-discipline – you’ll probably make some difficult decisions.

Divided between these two worlds, you may feel oppressed have to do everything. The temptations are hard to ignore, but it is best to avoid some pitfalls include:

• work on behalf of the company and with its equipment;
• be dishonest with respect to your boss;
• sacrifice time with your family;
• you neglect – try to keep fit, get enough sleep and eat well.

It may be also useful to outsource administrative tasks. Can you also hire someone to do chores such as cleaning or shopping?

It’s hard to be a full time employee and a contractor part-time but if you are aware of the situation, as you prepare and you impose a certain discipline, you will manage to reconcile everything, so, you would be useful to see our Time Management , on the occasion. For more information on how to ensure the flight of your business project, please see our Business Start-Up .