Understand the Laws Surrounding the Use of Product Labels

You might think that designing a product label is just about its aesthetic appeal. This is totally wrong. There are a lot of elements that go into a product label and you have to take these details seriously. You might end up not being allowed to sell your products just because you didn’t properly follow the laws in regard to the use of the labels.

There are different laws that apply depending on where you are releasing your products. If they are sold nationwide, you have to follow the national laws.

Be honest

The first thing to do in order to avoid problems is just be honest. Don’t put anything on the label that is untrue. This can fall under false advertising. You might get sued and ultimately pay fines. Some businesses have even closed just because of false advertising accusations. They have survived the fines, but their image has been tainted.


 Image via freedigitalphotos.net (digitalart)

Attention to details

There are buyers who are very particular when it comes to details. They read everything on the label before making a final decision. They don’t want to just put anything on their grocery cart unless they are certain of the product. This means that you have to focus on the details and make sure everything they need to know is reflected on the label. If you are selling food products for instance, you need to write the nutritional values, expiry date, ingredients and even warnings if necessary.

Take a step back

Once you have finalised the design for the label, you have to take a step back and reflect on what you have done before deciding to have the labels printed in mass. You don’t want to see mistakes and start the process over again.

Ask for help from people in your business to criticize the label. There could be some problems that you have overlooked. Check the spelling, grammar, use of images, colours and accuracy of the information. Take note that the labels also reflect what your company is all about. A bad label could also mean you are running a bad company.

If everything is done, it is time to send the design to a company that has the best labelling machine. No matter how great the designs are, if the printing quality is bad, it could negatively affect your business. You want people to be attracted to your product and it starts with a great label.

On the other hand, if you have made an amazing label plus you also have quality products to sell, it could lead to massive success for your business. This is a small detail, but it could lead to a big difference for your business.