Types of health insurance plans

There are a variety of insurance plans available for groups, depending on the type of plan the company decides to use. The most common type of health insurance plans are covering the basic medical needs. This plan can be adjusted later to cover other needs, or areas, but the employer must first approve such additions. Health insurance plans general, general health and basic needs.

health insurance plans

This may involve medical examinations, physical, and treatments for common disorders. These plans typically include measures including life saving surgery and hospital stay. Under the plan, the issues of pregnancy may or may not be covered. Some health groups do not cover medical treatment involved with pregnancy.

Many plans also include coverage for drug and alcohol treatment as a temporary stay in a rehabilitation center. The insurer may limit the number of stays for rehabilitation of a person can use in a given year, or in the course of their coverage. Mental health is another area typically covered by health insurance plans group. This includes a number of visits to a psychologist or counselor in a certain period of time, usually six months or a year.

The employer is always something more plans do not cover cosmetic procedures are, or procedures designated as not life threatening. This may include cosmetic surgery, mole removal or laser eye surgery. A series of health insurance providers allow employers to add in some packages to increase the coverage of its employees, including dental and vision.

Dental insurance will allow employees to seek medical treatment by dentists, and have their fillings, X-rays, dental and other needs covered by insurance. Vision insurance allows employees to visit an ophthalmologist every year for a checkup. They often receive a new prescription, and any contacts or glasses once a year. Employees may be responsible for certain fees associated with dental and vision procedures.