Types of business intelligence tools

Companies can choose from within a range of business intelligence tools ( intelligence business) to help them work more efficiently, perform competitive analysis and increase sales. These tools provide great detail about how currently is conducting trade and indicate areas for improvement
Types of business intelligence tools

When it comes to dividing the data financial and summarize accounting numbers, spreadsheets are a great Business Intelligence tool. Analysts can quickly create reports and provide this important managers to assist in the process of making decisions. One of the key features of spreadsheets is the ability to re-calculate the entire sheet after a change in a single cell.


Software Tools Reference
Another powerful tool type is Business Intelligence software consultation. Its power comes from the ability of the package to extract, sort, summarize and present data quickly, which is extremely important for management.
Data Mining
The data mining tools can help improve the function of the company’s Business Intelligence using data to create key patterns that can enable business change managers if necessary. Data mining is commonly used for marketing, monitoring and fraud detection. These tools are divided into four key processes: classification, clustering, regression and association rule learning.

Business performance
This type of business intelligence tool has begun to gain importance and has a great way to organize, automate and analyze key business methods and processes that have great impact on business performance. For example, implementing business performance management enables companies to optimize the use of financial capital, material and human resources.

Digital Control Panels
Digital control boards are popular business intelligence tools, especially among senior managers, because they are visual and easy to read. In a short quick, important decisions makers can get an immediate display of performance measures, identify key trends, generate detailed reports and get details on all company systems from their desktops.