How the traditional brewery Paulaner reduces the environmental impact.

Paulaner is known throughout the world for its exquisite beer. However, what few people know is that the process of elaboration of the traditional brewery is a leader in environmental protection. Munich-Paulaner elaborates beer Weissbier preferred around the world. A fact that is not surprising because the brewery, founded 378 years ago, does not conform with the best, nor as ingredients in its production. These demands correspond with the company’s philosophy of Paulaner, where social responsibility and respect for the environment are part of the day to day of all workers in the traditional brewery.

traditional brewery Paulaner

For brewing engineering experts this competition is part of your professional profile: the cooking and cooling are important processes in the production of beer. Long time since the master brewers of Paulaner realized that it could take many measures for environmental protection.

Below is a summary of the measures taken and the projects carried out in this field:
A clear choice: reduction of water consumption
Since 1990 the company has reduced its water consumption by more than half. The 8 hectolitres of water formerly used to produce one hectolitre of beer, currently used 3.62 hectolitres, level that is going to keep or even improve it.

A better climate: CO2 reduction
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are an important factor in global warming. Paulaner 7.727 tons emitted in 2011, maintains 1,500 tons below the limit assigned to the company according to the EU emissions trading system. A savings that would be 250 laps in car around the Earth at the Equator level. Also, several years ago that the CO2 emissions from the combustion plants are maintaining a 70% below emissions in 1990 for the same volume of production.

Guaranteed hygiene: own wastewater treatment plant
Paulaner has own wastewater treatment plant capable of treating waste water of 150,000 inhabitants without producing bad smell. The decomposition of the pollutant load produced 737.749 cubic meters of biogas in 2011, amount which covers about 15% of the thermal needs. In 2012 it is expected to increase this amount by 20%. This result represents an exception in this sector.

A warm recommendation: through the production offices are heated
During the beer wort cooking, heat from the boiler remains in combustion gases, to be used for heating office buildings and the technical plant. This represents a savings of 590.200 cubic meters of natural gas from fossil origin each year. For example, the same amount that would consume in heating and water hot 168 single-family houses in Germany over a year.

In good company: excellent environmental management
Official DIN ISO 14001 certification confirms the success of the environmental management system which Paulaner has decided to apply on their own initiative. Many international companies in Germany are already working with this certification.

The Paulaner brewery
The Paulaner brewery was founded by the order of Paulis in 1634. In its origins the production was intended only for own consumption. The main, today as then, headquarters in Munich. The company has 670 employees and with their more than 2.2 million hectolitres of beer is one of the leading breweries in Germany in the international market.