The giant Google and the SBA (Small Business Administration) have teamed up to educate local businesses about how to succeed online. Through a series of videos some small business owners share their experiences and give some tips to succeed in business online . “Accessible from the home page of the SBA, The” Tools for Success on-line “Google is made ​​up of nine videos.

online business success

Each video of Google showing a small business owner talking about a particular aspect of creating an online presence, from building a website to carry out promotions online. Funding for the initiative came from Google, and resources described in the videos and the booklet include Google Sites, Google sites, webmaster tools, Google AdWords, Webmaster Central, Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Google Checkout , Google AdSense and Google SiteSearch. ” Some tips interesting We give these entrepreneurs are:

Emphasize the important contact information in the ad, such as address, phone number and email address.

Make your website user friendly.

Be creative. Show your online customers the best that you do outside it.

Use social media to ask their customers opinions about your business. Gather all the comments and improve, where possible.

Use advertising to advertise free specials, offers, and changes in its offerings. Be as clear and specific.

Using marketing to teach free and engaging the community. It need not lead directly to a sale to be effective.

Search and display advertising is highly customizable. You have full control over the keywords, creative, and your budget.

Web Analytics allows you to measure and record how their customers interact with your website.

Web Analytics allows you to determine how to improve the design of your site and attract new customers. Once implemented Web Analytics, you can see where they come from customers, how long they stayed in place, and where clicked.

As you see now can benefit from the experiences of others who are succeeding. To see videos go to Tools for Online Success . Track | Information Week