How to Start a Business From 0

In the business world, the new year brings renewed desire to start a business. In this article I want to guides or most important points to consider to start a business .


How to start a business 1. The idea

The business idea is not to enlist. As a writer of business articles, I see that many people look for business ideas like a list where you choose one. Think the best ideas, evaluate and analyze, whether by an individual or team. It takes a view of everything: your skills, your experience, your capital, the external environment and the needs and demands of the people, the city, the behavior and characteristics of consumers,. In 100Negocios offer a free course I’m sure will help you develop your idea, click here on business courses , and find the current IDEA.

How to start a business 2. Searching for information

Few are businesses without much thought, rent a room, put the product and do well. The most common case that we see, are the businesses that did the same, but without success. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 businesses close in the first 5 years, by various factors. Among the most important factors when starting a business , is the question of whether failure to investigate before the idea could be successful. The minimum aspects to investigate are:

a. There is demand for the product?

This can be seen in the mall, or doing a survey. b. There are already competitors?

It’s a good sign that has competitors, means that we can study how they operate, who are the customers who buy more, and so on. c. Where are the buyers?

That is, what is the best location to be closer to the buyer that we are thinking. d. Who are the buyers?

We will not sell to everyone, there will be a segment of people who will be our main customers. They are young, adults, women, men, age, engaged, etc? e. What is the average price of the product?

This, after checking the costs, expected utility will tell us, and we can define whether the business is profitable or not.

Starting a Business 3. Business Plan

The idea of a business plan is a stack of sheets with charts, numbers and ambiguous concepts. In fact, the plan is the guide written or design business. That is, answer the basic questions:

a. That is the business (selling, that is)
b. What products we sell (prices, features, costs)
c. Because we sell (ways to promote the business, as it will be the store, etc.)
d. How much will it cost and how much we win (and utility costs)
e. Who will work and what to do?