Tips to make a testimony help you get more customers

Do you know the power of a recommendation? Would you like to know how a witness could make a difference in your business? An expert coach in Marketing & Business Professionals and this article will tell you how to get testimony you get a client this week.

  • There are people who have no evidence and neither cares for them.
  • There are people that elusive as if it were a calumny.
  • There are people who want but do not know how to get them.
  • Some people collect them and not know what to do with them.


What group are you?

Separate paragraph: and I write because many people give them dread the word witness. Imagine the phrase success story. You can put the name you want. It’s just someone who has “proven” and he was satisfied with you and can attest that has worked.

Customer testimonials

For example, if you have helped your colleague or your old customer to choose the right investments and build your financial portfolio, that is. If you have helped a client or friend to change jobs and you have focused on how to build your resume, how to use your online profile to highlight to professional selection, and how to shine in his interview.

Do not use a guide or text to complete

I have to admit that I did this before. I thought it was easier to get the witness to be effective (and apply the tips 2 and 3) and saved them time to my clients. However, it has a defect that I do not like and why not more they all seem modeled do even when they say different things, the scheme makes them very similar.

Sometimes it is natural that when you ask your customer wants a testimony first say something nice about you. A little is fine but if the words “super professional, caring, considerate, friendly” I put myself in the place of customer potential and I abound. I’m not saying do not let the qualities you mentioned, but encourage your customers to write more about what has been the experience.

For example, one of my first clients had written something like and Gaby with infinite patience helped me get back on track. Because I was not just saying that I have patience, I was saying between the lines I broke sovereignty patience until he got what I expected, things that I repeated 45 times and corrected what was wrong as much. All full of good energy and much positivism.  And that speaks of my support, my strong and demanding track, my push for her.