Tips for effective job search in summer

Optimize the use of social networking, making contacts in summer activities or update knowledge with professional readings, are some of the tips that stand to benefit from Cherish the summer to finding a new job. A priori, the summer seems an age in which all activity stops, including the search for a new job. At first, one would think that the jobs offered to cover in summer, have already been selected or that the market will move in September.

However, as highlights from Cherish, a consultancy specializing in support for organizations and professionals in situations of change, the summer season can be a proper season and fruitful in finding a new job. Through a series of basic tips, Lola Vallejo, professional transition Responsible Treasure, details how can take full advantage of the summer to Logar professional success.

Tips for effective job

Everyone is the main driver, but also its main brake may, the summer arrival, without achieving the desired job, the candidate appears in a negative feeling and paralyzing. So, the idea that holidays are not necessary, and that, however, are a few months of “break” in the search. “Quite the contrary, the candidate who has been on a year-round active job search, you deserve a break, but a break to re-focus your search and make it more effective,” says Vallejo and adds “each of us, are our main engine, if we have optimism and enthusiasm, everything stops, so, while we are also our main obstacle. ” Social networks do not close for holidays Summer is the ideal time to invest more time in the nets social.

Thus, can be used to keep working, further, in prospecting companies “target”, locate contacts in these companies and further information about them. On the other hand, summer is the perfect time to “indulge learning spaces dedicated to reading for further study.” Similarly, the Internet can be used to make free webinars on areas of concern and even attend lectures, workshops, etc.. ‘s time to take stock and to take advantage of “summer contacts” “It’s the right time to analyze and reflect on what made ​​us move forward in our search for a new job and what has made ​​us retreat, “said Vallejo. Thus, it is vital to reflect on the skills, knowledge, and on the personal qualities and values, “thus can exploit this time, for, in a more relaxed, identify the types of jobs that go according to our skills and interests.

” Also in summer, do not miss the opportunity to increase contacts. “Making summer activities, meet new people, things, so common in summer, may involve the establishment of new contacts that can help us in finding employment. In fact, 80% of positions are filled through contacts, “says Vallejo. About Treasure – Treasure is a company created in 2005, soon becoming a firm known for helping companies and their leaders in their development and career transition. Its primary objective is to support organizations and professionals in situations of change, development and transformation. Cherish helps companies transform their intentions into action plans to seduce the talent of its employees, leadership development and career transition. Since 2006, the company owned by Arbora, the largest network of professional supervision worldwide. Treasure has worked for companies like Vocento Group, Merrill Lynch, Oracle, Banesto, Nokia or Loewe. Enterprises Group.