Tips for business success

1. Calculate the impact. People doubted much in deciding if investing in a solution. What makes difficult decisions sobre what new opportunities in investing is not to know how big is the problem and what would be the financial impact if it were resolved. With limited resources and unlimited options, solutions must be measured with respect to questions of strategy and contrast them with other solutions. When you lose the impact, any criterion can persuade people to accept ideas that offer lower impact solutions. Without financial clarity, the people who are not business cases that are not business and solutions that are not business win.

business success

It is not a rigorous financial analysis. What you want to know if the problem is hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions. The size of the solution must be at least proportionate to the problem you want to solve or the opportunity you want to measure.

2. Effect waves. Something is happening in any part of the company; you are splashing locally and then waves begin to spread to other areas. The impact or cost of the problem may increase based on who or what else is affected.

Each company has an implicit or explicit mission, values and key strategies or initiatives that are mandatory for their growth and survival. To the extent that you understand how is trying to fit, because if you do not understand how they defined the success others, you can get the results you are looking for, but not the others want.

Look at the waves effect, needs to know how it is linked to the mission, vision and key strategies of the company. What’s happening in the company that affects every decision taken, not only which is considered?

3. High with amber. Experience in business has convinced people that collide with red light is a failure; so when they see the amber light, they close their eyes and accelerate waiting to happen. Business Think requires that he treats with real. If hitting the red light is inevitable, do so as soon as possible. If you can not stop in the Business Think amber light, it will be difficult to be realistic with yourself, with others or with the solution you need the business. During the talks, the people will give signals about how you feel and what you think.

These signals will verbally come (so they say), vocally (how say it) and visually (its non-verbal communication). You will have to be very closely to see if those signals indicate that people had encountered an amber light. If it detects, go more slowly, rely on their knowledge and in its sole discretion to discern what to do in this regard.

4. To find the cause. Unless you ask why, trying to solve a problem is like taking a painkiller to cure a disease. It is the effects of the disease and the impact of it in the body, but you don’t know what is causing this disease; Therefore, the drug disguises pain, while the condition remains living and getting worse.

The laboratory of the real-life business involves intelligent and expert people constantly changing priorities and organizational texts. This complexity is the reason why we suggest that you spend some time looking for why, having found the evidence and the impact to prove that he deserves a solution.