Tips for building the marketing strategy of small business

As 2019 starts to pave the way in the marketing industry, small business owners struggle to maintain their pace in the cut-throat driven marketplace. In fact, others have been so busy preparing plans to improve their marketing strategies before the New Year. Today we will briefly focus tips for building the marketing strategy of small business.

While it’s not too late for the rest to make effective plans for the year ahead, you have to act fast by simply knowing and focusing on the 2019 trends- ignoring the previous fads deprecating this year.

Marketing issues have been constantly the worrier of most small business owners especially on New Year- when marketing strategies change the face. In fact, at least 40 % of business owners claimed that they’re worried about looking for new customers, deciding which strategies to keep and kick, etc.

marketing strategy of small business

In addition, 21 % of business owners set priority in competition issues rather than marketing so it’s basically not a win-win situation.

So, what do you think are the steps you have to take to keep your business on track and a step ahead of your competitors?

As a small business owner, you might want to include in your New Year’s resolution the following tips to build a stronger marketing strategy for your company- one that set customers in the front row and your business upstage.

Develop an accurate marketing budget to sustain the future

Start your year by practicing to always connect your mouth to your business visions by building a realistic marketing budget plan. As small business owners mentioned customer retention and attraction as two of their top of the mind problems, many forget the importance of setting aside marketing budget.

Treat this year as the right period to flex your budget and venture into new marketing strategies to keep on track in today’s constantly fluctuating marketplace.

This does not mean you have to pour the most of your budget here but rather, do a strategic investment on marketing such that it will point your business in a place where there’s a greater chance for your target clients to do a research on your services and products thus, possibly increasing purchases.

You should consider return- on- investment as a factor in measuring your marketing efforts. But, make sure to flex out your business and try only marketing opportunities that are hippy and known to stick. Although risky, you may also venture in new business ideas and see their worth.

Build a professional and effective website

In this world where every click matters, it seems that customers rely on the company’s websites. This way, it would be easy for them to receive updates and communicate in real-time.

Although owning a website is crucial for small to large businesses, it is surprising to note that only 50 % among businesses claimed they have sites online. The other 50 percent rely on word- of- mouth referrals and almost completely ignore venturing online.

If your business is one of the 50 % operating completely offline, include in your list of priorities building a website- not just a site but an informative one with sleek and professional design enough for your customers to put their trust. Or if you already own one, conduct regular maintenance and seek rooms for improvement.

Optimize your website for mobile users

Because 2014 is dubbed as the age of mobile devices, compliment step #2 by providing a mobile- optimized website for consumers using their phones to go online.

A recent study from Google said that 60 % of customers visit business websites. A half of those customers use mobile devices so if your website is optimized for desktop users only, you will be threatened for the loss of 30 % of your potential customers.

This is the year for mobile devices so start building a lightweight website while complementing your desktop website by maintaining its themes, overall UI and functionality.