Tips for entrepreneurs who already walk

AS an entrepreneurs do not lose the culture of the company. When it grows rapidly, this Salvadoran executive remembers. Sometimes you are so worried about making the company grow, hiring people, and getting customers that you leave aside the culture part. The startup culture is great everyone feels identified everyone feels part of the company. You suddenly grow up and they do not have 150 employees anymore. It is not a startup anymore you can lose the essence. Atanacio reinforces in that we want to concentrate, we try to maintain that essence of startup.

Tips for entrepreneurs

Do not stay comfortable because the moment that things are easy is that you are doing something wrong. When you feel that everything is going well or if you think everything is going up. It will go down, nothing is ever perfect. If you think something is perfect, get ready. Atanacio stressed that I have never felt at ease in his company. He has always felt that he is walking a tightrope.

Believe in what you are doing: If someone else wants to do what you is already doing. It is probably not a good idea. If you want to do something, people have to say you are crazy. In all the times we have launched a business, people tell me you are crazy.

Do not believe so much: For Atanacio you always have to have your feet on the ground. Sometimes you think you are doing so well. That is not the case, being an entrepreneur is something humble. Because you have to receive rejections or refusals every day: from clients, from employees. Since you start and I still receive NO every day. You have to feel comfortable that someone does not want your product or service. He also said that being an entrepreneur is very lonely because no one understands them. An entrepreneur cannot walk depressed world. It’s a very lonely trade you have to project that everything is going well.

You always have to find someone you are not a todologist. We have 9 or 10 years of being partners and we’re still there I see more the operation. I see the finances he sees recruitment, property infrastructure he is calmer. I am super accelerated if the two of us were the same. It would be chaotic it is super good. We have to choose a partner with greater beware that when one chooses the wife. You always have to hire someone better than one at all. There are people who are afraid to hire someone better than one. I am happy to have people better than me in every way.