The truth about the essential skills

This blog is brought to you by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills . The Office works to help Canadians acquire the skills to adapt to change in the workplace and promote their success. Do not underestimate the importance and applicability of core competencies related to your business. Gather the facts and knowledge necessary for success.

essential skills

Myth: companies that hire graduates or people who have a Grade 12 equivalency will not have to worry about job training.
Fact: Graduates of high schools, colleges and universities lack the essential skills and management skills that are most sought after by companies. In addition, the skills acquired in class are weakened when they are not invited to work. Companies need to see learning as an ongoing process. Learning at work contributes to the maintenance and strengthening of essential skills long after graduation.

Myth: Business owners do not have to worry about the essential skills if their employees do their work properly.
Fact: 5.9 million Canadians in the workforce lack the skills essential to succeed in a knowledge economy. Research has shown that companies that invest in essential skills are better equipped to meet the demands of today’s economy, which is constantly changing.

Myth: The Essential Skills training can not be measured, and it is unlikely that it contributes to evidence of benefit for a company.
Fact: Businesses that have incorporated the skills essential to their formation have been an increase in productivity, improved health and safety in the workplace, reduced product defects, error rate and waste and improved engagement and employee loyalty. In fact, 79% of respondents in a study by the Conference Board of Canada suggested that the increase in productivity was linked to a training program in workplace essential skills.

Myth: You have skills essential or you did not.
Reality: It involves essential skills in almost all jobs and at different levels of complexity. They provide a foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to change in the workplace.

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