The taxi business in the future

The diesel fuel prices, diesel and others has increased lately by the rising price of oil and this has many consequences for the moment abarcaré, just say that one of these consequences is the increase in fares in urban transport units as in the case of the so-called Taxis. And of course the public is the first prejudiced, because naturally have to pay more for the same, although this is not always because in some places there on demand, meaning that consumers seek the best offer. So the taxi-related businesses must find new ways to attract customers so they do not fail.

taxi business

One of them as we already have in an article above is the use of technology in the so-called Taxis Technology . But that is often not enough, try to save operating costs and thereby may reduce travel fares. The good thing is that it seems that in the near future this will be possible thanks to the so-called taxis of the future. “The Volkswagen group, the first manufacturer of automobile European, has designed the cab of the future, a concept vehicle called ‘Milano Taxi’ emission-free thanks to its electric motor and with only three gates to ensure that passengers have access to it with greater security. ” At the moment the taxi of the future is just a concept and is still in its design stage, but they no doubt it will soon be on the highways of major cities . The main features of this design are:

-It has an electric motor powered by lithium-ion battery.
-Dimensions – 3.73 m. (L), 1.60 m. (H) and 1.66 m. (Width).
-Maximum speed – 120 kilometers per hour.
-Power – 115 HP (maximum), 68 HP (constant)
-Range – 300 miles
-Loading – 80% in just over an hour.

It also has a touch screen for the rear seats, with and the possibility of paying the card path. Each draw their own accounts if it is profitable or not this new vehicle will have to await the official price.