Spain collaborate to offer solutions adapted to the professional women

The social network for professional women and one of the largest insurers in the world join forces through a collaboration agreement in order to ensure exclusive services for women AEGON, one of the major insurance companies in the world specializing in pensions, life insurance, health and savings products and investment and, the first network social networking for professional womensigned an agreement of collaboration whose objective is to offer solutions adapted to professional women. Through the agreement, AEGON Spain will provide its products specially designed for the needs of women workers.

AEGON, through this partnership, expresses its commitment to women, current engine of the profound social and economic changes that are taking place. In the words of Africa Hernandez, head of Marketing channels own AEGON, “the women have, increasingly, better training, better jobs and a huge purchasing power, but, at the same time, an incredible influence in the purchase of other capacity”.

professional women

What adds: “all this means that any company that claims should know what and how to think women in our society, not by a sexist differentiation, but as a response to the essence of marketing”. Thus the agreement between AEGON and Womenalia has to do with listening and understand the common interests of women professionals, “only then we can establish effective communication and offer solutions suited to their needs.” How if we cannot think of ensuring the life, health and financial future? “, says Hernandez.”

The economic influence of women is absolutely crucial. Today, women increasingly dominate the world of consumption. According to a report published by Womenalia, 61.4% of women claimed to be responsible for 75% of purchases at home.

According to Pillar Roch, business development Manager of Womenalia, “collaborate with companies as AEGON, preoccupied full customization and adaptation of their products and services to the specific needs of each client, helps us continue to provide facilities and specific options to help the professional woman that is the goal and purpose of Womenalia”, and says: “AEGON is a large sample of women of different profile with which dialogue form in our platform continued sobre the” “products and services and receive immediate feedback on them”.

About aims to create a social network of global Networking of women professionals who help promote and boost the presence of women in decision-making positions, entrepreneurship or self-employment generation. To do this, Womenalia provides professional women a collaborative online that integrates social networking, portal platform for contents and professional tools. The ultimate goal is that users can develop professionally more rapidly and effectively promoting further its visibility and notoriety in their relevant markets. has more than 53,000 users on the platform with a forecast for this 2012 overcome the 200,000. It is currently present in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube.

AEGON is one of the insurers larger groups in the world, founded in the Netherlands, with more than 150 years of experience and presence in the five continents. It has a staff of more than 25,000 employees serving more than 40 million customers.

AEGON was Spanish released in 1980 through the acquisition of different companies at the national level. Currently marketed life, insurance savings, investment and health through own channels and business.