How to choose the perfect name for your business

Every entrepreneur reaches sooner or later the point crucial in which has to choose the name of your company or business. And although it seems a task very simple, in reality is a process that can take many hours and hundreds of sheets of paper before finding the perfect name. Why?

perfect business

For several reasons. The first of them is because a business is like your most precious treasure, is there where they’ve invested all your savings and probably all your dreams. Second, because your company’s name will be the business card that will give the first impression to your customers, which makes it extremely important for the success factor.

And also because the name of the business transcend time while this was born, grows and becomes a large corporation. So, if you are looking for Tips for choosing the name for your company and feel comfortable with, you share here some ideas.

Choose a name that carries your name. A simple and form formal when choosing the name may be using your name or surname or use combinations that include. Examples: Brothers Copher, Mac Donalds, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Wendy´s, Ferrari, etc.

Choose a name that make direct reference to your product. If your specialty is a product and you want that everyone will know to view primerea , this is a strategy that works. Examples: Burger King (hamburgers), Pizza Hut (Pizza), Multirepuestos, plastic world, La House of candles, etc.

Choose a concept. In other words, a name that means much more than a product, something that can make reference to quality, price or profit. Examples: Payless Shousource (economic shoes), Maxibodegas (of everything), I prefer (convenience), Lee Shoes (shoes), yellow pages (Directory), etc.

Choose a creative name. In this case, you can choose a word or term with or without a special meaning to which your will notice you the concept with the passage of time and the creation of your own brand. Examples: Yahoo!, Google, Michelin, Starbucks, Toyota, Cetron, etc.

Includes your region in the name. This allows you to focus on a sector or region for your business. Examples: American Airlines, Europe Motors, Central spare parts Mexican Telmex, etc.

In fact, there are many other ways to find the suitable name for your business, however remember that the most important thing is that the name is built and becomes a brand. The name is that makes your company only your company which gives prestige to the name.