The development of human communication

Communication is one of the most important characteristics of humanity. The exchange of information, be it verbal or nonverbal, belongs to the most natural activities we perform every day without even thinking about it. But looking back on how people communicated in the past, and how they do it today makes explicit the huge steps that were taken in the development of the means we use to share our thoughts and ideas with other people. The most general human ways to do that is through pictures and through sounds. The pictorial exchange of information happens through body language, gesture, visual art, hairstyle, and clothing or nowadays through emotions we use via the internet. The audible exchange of ideas happens through language and this is of course the most common way to communicate. And both forms have come together within modern technology.


Smartphones are really smart


Since its introduction by Apple in 2007, the iPhone became one of the most popular means of digital communication today; as the latest iPhone apple statistics show. Being introduced in 2007, the iPhone was the first phone with a multi-touch screen which eventually became the industry standard. Being one of the best-selling smartphones, it has since then improved and changed its design almost every year. With this item, people can communicate verbally and visually as they are able to use the smartphone to call each other, to send text-messages, and to send pictures. Moreover, the iPhone makes possible a connection to the internet and allows people to look up information, to check local positions or even to do their work through digital gateways by writing emails.

Through digital technology, the act of writing has been revolutionized in the same way as paper, of which the first archeological traces were found in China two centuries BC. It is an interesting fact that nowadays, in the digital age, China is also one of the most successful countries in the production of smartphones and receives high investments from all over the world. Talking about China’s inflation rate, it should also be mentioned that it is the largest export nation in the world and has one of the lowest unemployment rates as well. And it will be interesting to watch how technological developments in the future will continue shaping our lives.