It is positive to have the boss in our network of contacts on LinkedIn?

More contacts have on the professional network, better. However, if the goal of being in LinkedIn is finding a new job, can be a problem the fact that between them is the boss is there to accept it as a contact?

New invitation to connect on LinkedIn… is that of the Chief, I accept it? On many occasions, users of the largest professional network around the world have found faced this choice: accept or reject as a contact to the head. If one of the main objectives of be in this network is changing jobs, it may be harmful, since it can be witness of the “movements” online that are made in this regard. From outcrops, consulting firm specialized in offering services of relocation, coaching and development, reveals how to react to this situation.

 the boss in our network

If the goal is to change jobs…
The first thing is to clearly establish the objectives of our presence on LinkedIn. If the main of them is to find a new job, we will have to have a few considerations when deciding whether to accept or not the boss as a contact. Thus, according to Angeles de la Flor, Coach and Socia Directora of flourishes “If the goal is to change jobs, is better not to have our head in the network of contacts on LinkedIn”, to which he adds, “you can study all our movements and publications, which could be highly detrimental. In short, it’s Act with prudence at a key moment as it is that of a career change”.

Movements online should not be seen
The professional network is precisely that, a network. For this reason, each of the movements online that are made can be observed. Establish new contacts, participate in employment forums, search for new groups that will assist in the search for active working through networks, etc, they are actions that should be normal in a career change process, it would be highly negative that one of the contacts that could see all what is done in the network outside the head. The professional social networks are very positive but when the objectives are very clear on them and act with common sense.

About flourishes
Flourishes is a consulting firm specializing in providing development services, Coaching, diagnosis and professional transition (outplacement Executive, group and CoachingWork). Leading the project is a team of professionals headed by Angeles de la Flor, with over 16 years of experience in positions of responsibility in companies of first level of consultancy and end customer. It’s one of the figures with greater relevance in the management of professional careers. Flourishes has its Madrid headquarters and given coverage in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and rest of the world.