The crisis becomes zombies to the best employees

As it stands out from the consultant emerges, “grab the Chair” does not always mean more productivity. The crisis brings with it a new tribe, called employed zombies, those who are physically in his job, but with his professional view and his talent, in another site have job, today, is a luxury. There is no doubt about that. There are many managers every day, them reminiscent to their employees how difficult that are the market and the luck to have a post of employment and that, at least, not lower them salary. This “emotional blackmail” can lead to that many of those employees who are pillars in the productivity in the enterprise are transformed into what has come to be called “the zombie employee”. I.e., that employee that is present in their jobs but emotionally absent.

According to highlights Angeles de la Flor, Coach and partner Director of emerges, “have a zombie employee can cause serious problems in the short and medium term, because their motivation and productivity will be seriously diminished”. This type of employees do not feel done professionally or valued at the company, which is why, suddenly, decrease your attention in its work, which will cause serious damage to their results.

the best employees

Main thing according to the flower, is change the discourse, “the message that there are many people out of work, and that you simply have to be motivated by having it, does not have a positive effect, as you think, quite the contrary.” “The employee may consider that does not provide value to the company, but that is the only enterprise which gives the used value” points out of the flower, to which he adds “This brings with it serious prejudice for the company, because it has an employee which, although present physically, has its sights and targets elsewhere”.

The second step would be to detect the “zombie” employee. “Can be not highlighted by an abnormal attitude at first glance, but ultimately, its decline of commitment and creativity seen”, says flower. To detect it ideally analyze their attitude, consider if there is something that has changed in the performance of its work in the near past and to approach him, and, above all to listen to their needs. Once detected, it is time to take action and establish a model of intervention “lidercoach” generate commitment and identification with the objectives of the company that get. “In these cases in primary to create new methods influencing the understanding of the motivations and abilities of the worker”. This is, as points out coach flower angels of implement coaching programs that encourage professional development.

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