Ten advanced marketing ideas

Marketing strategies are continually changing, and technology and culture allow sellers to do new and innovative things. Using cutting-edge strategies, marketers can create buzz and interest in their clients products. They can capture eyeballs, sell products or produce very good reviews. Technology has allowed even the sellers become “viral” where consumers spread the message themselves. Research forefront of marketing ideas to find the best for your company.

marketing ideas

Search Engine Optimization
Optimize your website for search engines incorporating key words that can be indexed easily. Include keywords in the top of the page. Work with SEO expert consultants to increase your visibility on the web.

Make your content valuable web
Upgrade the web content regularly and includes titles that draw attention. The more people link to your website will rank higher in the search engines and get more page views.

Build communities
Use social media tools to communicate with your customers. Login to Facebook to discuss consumer brands and youth-oriented products. Use LinkedIn for business products and professional services. Advertise on these platforms and aims to members of niche groups that consume your products.

Viral Marketing
Employs strategies viral marketing , such as mood or music videos around your brand. Products become viral through means of social communication when users become evangelists, sharing your product and promoting it to their friends. The user generated content will drive your brand beyond expectations.

Build gaming platforms
Create web games to go along with the introduction of new products. Incorporate them in your emails and web sites, and connect with your brand strength.

Link games with your brand
Use games to create social communities and cause positive emotions associated with the product. Candystand.com creates games around LifeSavers brand and allows users to see if their friends also play. This generates positive feelings about the brand and the community that uses it.

Advertising on mobile phones
Advertise on the mobile web, especially if your company has a place of business that customers would want to find, while away from home. Creates a mobile website that is easy to read on smartphones.

Use mobile location services
Make your presence felt through the promotion of location-based mobile services like Foursquare or Gowalla. It offers discounts to which “record” in your town or leave comments on the revisions. Collect contact information of those who “recorded” in your store.

Selling to existing customers
The general rule is that 20% of your customers will deliver 80% of your earnings. If this is your business, more revenue extracted calling and emailing to customers in the 20% group, personalized offers and promotions.  If you hand out personalized office supplies with your company name and logo to existing customers they have a higher likely hood of becoming repeat customers.”

Focus on your customers’ demands major
Play with the needs of your core customers, offering them a short sale or a long-term discount. Treat them with respect and know them in person. Mark important dates like birthdays and remember them to send letters.