Ways for teens to make money from home

As the cost of being a teenager is still growing, living according to the income of the parents can not be the solution. Teens can create their own money to start a home business taking advantage of your skills, strengths and knowledge. Some ways a teenager can earn money from home , include babysitters being, pet sitters, teaching, blogging and graphic design.


The daycare has been a traditional business for teenagers for many years. Potential customers beyond the brothers can include neighbors, family friends, church members or contacts. Nannies typically charge hourly or child care. Extends this idea, offering daytime hours to give stories or other opportunities for parents to go shopping or enjoy a quiet meal.

make money from home


Pet Care

As with childcare, many people have the need to request pet care services at work, on business trips or vacations. Teenagers can earn money by offering your pet care services, to take them for walks, feed them or give them water, or just play with them.

Computer Services

Today’s teens are often more skilled at using computers than in previous years. Knowledge and skills in areas such as graphic design, proofreading or Internet searches can present an easy way to make money. Offer your services to design church bulletins, sales flyers, editing resumes or to help with business research needs charging per hour.


Teenagers can earn money from home offering tutoring services to younger children or even adults. Parents may be interested in hiring a teenager to help with homework, exam preparation or large projects. Adults can hire a teenager as tutor in the use of internet and basic computer knowledge.


A blog can be an easy way for a teen to earn money from home. Many internet websites pay for blog entries about teen issues, like music, social media, cinema and school.