USM and Deloitte agree to support development of project management to the interior of the institucione

A study concerning the potential of the project management offices marks the beginning of cooperation between the two entities, which will join its experience in the academic and business world, respectively. Encourage the development of projects and programmes of academic or special studies, in the area of human capital, organizational management and engineering, is the motivation of the Alliance established by the signing of a cooperation agreement between Universidad Santa María and the company consultancy Deloitte.

support development of project management

The first joint work between both institutions was announced during the signing of the agreement: an academic study, referring to the reality and value of the’s PMO (Project Management Office) in organizations will be developed.

The main objective of the study is to determine the relationship between the existence of a PMO and its level of formality, with success in the projects that the company carries out and, in this way, with the business objectives. To achieve this, apply a survey, which considers variables associated with characteristics of the PMO and the model of their project management.

With respect to the motivation underlying the Alliance between both entities, José Rodríguez, Rector of the Universidad Santa María, stated that “since the area that we work is very important to be able to approach us companies, since we complement: they needed professionals, and we know how to train them better.”

Today the definition of the content of training is made differently, i.e., asking them to prospective employers. In that sense the General characteristics of the link with Deloitte are very relevant.”

For its part, Arturo Platt, Director of corporate governance for Deloitte, said that “as a company, over the past five years we have promoted strongly rapprochement with the universities, in terms of being able to show them what actually entrepreneurship are in need as a professional profile, so that they can download to their curricular. I hope that this first study is the gateway to everything that we can work together.” In addition, during his speech referred to different possibilities for the students and alumni of the campus, around the completion of internships at his company abroad.