Campus Santiago San Joaquin received large exhibitors who inspired dozens of assistants to create ideas and be agents of change in their communities. With great anticipation was carried out the TEDxUTFSM event in the Campus San Joaquin of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, which was organized by six students at the campus.

On this occasion, Rodrigo Malachias Kibernum company was responsible for animating the session of talks, which would be sustained by the common thread of being happy through the passion of ideas. The young engineer was also concerned interact with the audience and submit to each of the exhibitors.

Summit of innovation

The first of these was Benito Baranda, former director of the Hogar de Cristo, who took advantage of the instance to refer to his role as a social activist. For this purpose, the current director of the solidary America Foundation, told his experience of life recounting how emerged his rapprochement with the world from poverty to explain “the circuit of exclusion has us deprived of freedom”. But, according to rail, there is a solution: “re-educate gaze allows us to discover the wealth of poverty, that is the great challenge of today”.

Subsequently, Mario Waissbluth, President of the Foundation Education 2020, began his exhibition clarifying “not I came to talk about education. I came to talk to them about my experience to build an effective citizen movement”. That said, the chemical engineer, was devoted to deliver useful tips to start projects with success.

Then it was the turn of Julián Ugarte, Director Ejecutivo de SociaLab, who worried about telling stories of young people who decided to change the course of their lives to start a venture that encourages their communities.

Meanwhile, Claudio Dib, academic in the Department of physics at USM, contributed a scientific session TEDxUTFSM look when referring to the innovative project of which is general coordinator: the first underground laboratory of Physics of particles in the southern hemisphere (ANDES project).

For its part, the lawyer Pedro Huichalaf, who is a founding member of the Digital liberation movement and has managed several campaigns digital citizen, was dedicated precisely to show the way in which carries out such work and the impact that has generated digital activism in the 21st century.

To close the successful day of TEDxUTFSM, the sansano Iván Vera, co-founder of INNSPIRAL, The FoodLinks, Speaker completo Club and RASU, was who gave an inspiring talk to everyone present for daring to start their own ventures.

Damián Osses, sixth year student of computer science Civil Engineering and Assistant to the event, was one of those who was impressed with the exhibition of Vera, since “he spoke of us being so young could do many things and innovate with nothing to lose”.

Finally, Fabián Schiaffino, one of the organizers of the TEDxUTFSM, positively assessed the event: “attendees have a good impression and I think that we transmit them the energy and the passion to play for their ideas”.