5 Qualities a Successful Outbound Call Center Agent

You have all the right tools and assets for your inbound call center: virtual contact center programming with all the key components, awesome soft phones and gear, and more reporting dashboards than you could ever imagine. Be that as it may, at the end of the day, a contact center is only as good as its specialists. In this article, we’ll examine the main 5 characteristics of productive call center outbound telemarketing operators and provide helpful tips to recognize specialists who have these qualities.

  1. Common Sense

While many calls centers still give their operators particular scripts, many others are moving to a different model. These call center directors plan particular feedback in case of problems, yet leave operators with the challenge of coming up with their own dialog in order to better collaborate with the client. Effective call center operators can take the scripts and adjust them on the fly during complex or difficult circumstances.

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Testing Common Sense

One of the best ways to screen basic thinking skills is to request that the person portray the greatest problem they’ve ever encountered from a customer or client. At that point, provoke the potential operators to clarify how they found themselves able to determine the problem, if at all.

This test should give you a better understanding of two things:

  • What the potential operators considers a problem.
  • What steps they may take in a comparative circumstance
  1. Cool under Fire

One of the most common reasons for high operator turnover is burnout. This is not surprising, particularly considering the amount of disappointed clients that operators interface each day.Specialists who last longer in this job are not very easily phased. Because of this, when a client is yelling at them over the phone, successful call center specialists keep their cool.

Testing for Calm and Collected

In these cases, you may need to ask questions like, “How would you handle a call from an irate client?” If you need to test them further, maybe you can ask them to give an example from past encounters.

  1. Sympathy

Sympathy stands out as one of the most vital characteristics of successful call center specialists. When a client calls with an issue or concern, your best specialists have the ability to sympathize and make the guest feel that somebody is listening and understanding them immediately. If your operators see clients as just one more guest, or even a problem, you’re likely to experience problems with customer loyalty and brand dependability.

Testing for Empathy

  • You can look for signs in a potential operators’ capacity to sympathize with a client in various ways.
  • Ask them about what drives them in the work environment. People who have a drive to help other people are usually decent match for customer service.
  • Ask them to explain why they want to work in your call center. If they discuss the their desire to give extraordinary customer service or helping other people overcome issues, then you may have found a solid match.
  1. Organization Skills

Productive call center operators must be a great multitask doer. In addition to taking care of client needs on the phone, they additionally invest tons of energy overhauling records in the CRM, taking notes, and finishing other post-call obligations.

Along with finishing these errands rapidly and precisely, your operators must be organized and proficient.

Testing for Organization Skills

  • Many call center managers screen for organization skills before scheduling an interview by looking for mistakes in a competitor’s application or resume.
  • During the meeting itself, ask the applicant how he or she has adequately juggled numerous undertakings at the same time in past positions. It’s important to have the applicant give specific, real examples here.
  1. Language and Communication Skills

Even though this may seem like a given, it’s undoubtedly one of the top characteristics of an effective call center operator. It’s additionally important to remember that great communication isn’t just about talking. A successful call center operator has the ability to effectively listen to the guest, process the data, and create and communicate an answer in a fast and precise way.

Hiring Good Communicators

You can generally get a decent read on an applicant’s communication skills during the interview itself. You can use example scenarios to get a feel for how the potential employee may listen, react to, and handle a common issue in the call center environment.


Author Bio:

Violetta Kristy is the writer of this article. She is a professional blogger and resides in Australia. She worked in a renowned Australian telemarketing company for a long time before blogging profession. So, she has an extensive knowledge on call center operations and professional success.