With success the third encounter of the Magister was developed in energy economics of the UTFSM

he activity aimed to generate an instance of encounter between representatives of different generations of graduates, teachers and collaborators of the program which is taught by the Department of mechanical engineering since 2005. A cueca danced by horses and an equestrian extravaganza in the Crescent of the downtown tourist equestrian PuroCaballo, located in the Valley of Casablanca, was the activity which gave beginning to a lunch between the different generations of masters in energy economics (MEE) of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, who shared in a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie and cordiality, along with professors and partners.

The objective was to share the experiences that stopped at each step by the magister, allowing generate addition virtuous contact networks. On the occasion he received the new generation of students graduated in the year 2012, corresponding to the fifth version of the program MEE.

success the third encounter

During the day were awarded the best student graduated from the 2012 generation, distinction awarded by the company METROGAS, which surrendered to the graduate Marcela Peña, who was elected by his outstanding academic performance.
“For me this is how close a large professional stage, where I am very proud for having achieved this great goal, which has been a path that I have wrought with much effort and dedication. “In addition, I very proud represent good way to women who have been part of the MEE”, were the words of the award-winning.

Similarly is awarded the performance of Professor Mauricio Villarreal, who was elected by students themselves graduates for its important role as an academic inside program MÉE.

“I am very happy for this award, because when you start this challenge as a professor at Magister, I knew that would be a very big responsibility, so that the fact of today be awarded, means great recognition, because every class that I have taught, I have done it with the greatest enthusiasm as I could”, said the professor.

Also, after the awards, some generations graduated in previous years, representatives commented on the contributions and impact that the MÉE program has meant in their professional lives.

“I was part of the second generation of graduates of the MEE and I am really grateful to each of the teachers and colleagues which I had in the program, because thanks to this experience, I have managed to develop various personal projects.” “The MEE has been a real contribution in my professional life”, sentenced Luis Merino, Director of Austral-generates and CO-FOUNDER of AEON-BIOGROUP.

To close, the Director of the MEE, Professor Alejandro Sáez said the development, history and projections of the graduate program, as well as highlighting their evolution and positioning that has reached after its accreditation of 4 years.

“With these meetings we can create new ties and maintain existing ones, all this in order to continue growing in initiatives and joint projects that enrich the experience of each one of us, and that give us the necessary to improve and continue to grow as program feedback. “I hope we can strengthen our networking day and return to see us the coming year”, said at the farewell Professor Alejandro Saez.

Master in energy economics

The Magister in economy energy (MEE) is a pioneer in Chile and it is taught by the Department of engineering mechanics of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) since 2005. UTFSM in its proposal of accredit all of its graduate programs during the 2011 year, has credited his agenda of MEE for four years before the Agency accreditation of the College of engineers of Chile (accreditation) under the criteria of evaluation of the National Commission of accreditation (CNAChile).

The MEE is oriented mainly to the delivery of a global vision of the problems of energy, delivering the necessary tools to meet the new challenges involved in economic development in the energy field and train professionals who may have an optimum and effective interaction in the energy area. The topics considered include legal, regulatory, economic, social, environmental and commercial aspects, technological and energy efficiency. In this sense, the program includes two years of duration, divided into 4 semesters and 16 subjects. The academic body of the MEE is composed of distinguished professors and specialists of the highest level, with national and international experience in various areas related to the themes of the programme.

The MEE has five versions completed, totaling 96 graduate professionals and the nominations for the 8th version of the program are open to start on August 2013.