Steps to generate more income in your business


As I promised in one of my previous articles, today we tell you how you can double your income by creating, promoting and selling your own programs and services at high prices and make you feel valued and respected. In the article The 3 mistakes that prevent you attract customers to your business best saw that to generate high income, it is essential to identify your ideal niche of people who have sufficient income to invest in your knowledge without excuses.


We have also seen that if you identify the biggest problem your niche you can create solutions (programs) that are sold because you’ll be solving the real problems experienced by your customers. And today you’ll discover the fastest, safe and proven to double your income, creating, promoting and selling your knowledge through consulting programs, mentoring or individual services one by one.


Once you have identified the biggest problem your client, the next step is to break down what that customer needs to do to solve it.


To attract customers to your services, you have to create an advertising campaign in which regales something that adds value: an e-book, a guide, an audio, a free video, etc., to capture email from your potential customers, educate them and move them to a free conversation with you. Because this creates value in what you offer and prequalify your customers, so that only attract customers willing to invest in your knowledge, and you position yourself as an expert in your niche.


At this point, you already have your ideal client, who was previously prequalified and ready to invest in you. The secret here is to ask questions that allow the customer to talk and realize itself the consequence of not taking action (buy your solution) itself. If you master the art of keeping your conversations selling programs and services at high prices, authentically and without pressure, I assure you your results and your income will become. In addition, these steps will help you double your income and grow your business.

Do not mention the price of your programs on your website. Remember, customers do not buy programs, services, products, etc. Customers buy solutions! Dare to think big. Work with goals that inspire you, because this way your sales will be easier and more fun.

Focus on advertising.

No matter if, you do not know how to sell your knowledge. No matter if you know how to create the program that your customers are waiting. Nor does it matter if you do not know where to start.