Start making money

Prepaid calling cards are an option for those looking to save money by making long distance calls. For someone looking to go into business for himself, starting a business prepaid calling card is a good way to put your business skills to profitable use. Buying a franchise prepaid calling card is a quick way to start your business without having to find other distributors and wholesalers. With a little creativity, you can start making money almost immediately.


Step 1

Find a franchisor you want to work with. There are a number of franchises calling cards available. Find something that can help you get started and give you the level of support you need for the amount of money you can invest.

start making money

Determine your target market. Some companies sell prepaid cards to retailers such as grocery stores and several, while others sell to small businesses , helping them to use the cards for prepaid as promotional items.

Create a website to advertise and sell your phone cards. Some franchises will help with this process and give you a template and a way to accept payment cards. If your license does not do this, consult a web designer.

Talk to your bank about setting up a business account. This will allow you to accept credit cards online and over the phone. As most companies place their orders by telephone and Internet, accepting credit cards provides your customers a quick and easy way to shop.

It sells cards through your website, through networking with small businesses and visiting outlets. Always have something to sell estate hand and ready to accept orders as needed. Make use of marketing materials and connections franchisor also. The franchisor may already have brochures, price sheets or other items that you can use to make sales.

Expand your business with the sale of cards for different retailers, by creating a kiosk and hire someone to work on it or by selling at flea markets and other festivals. Out in the community showing your product is the best way to generate interest and appeal to a wide range of potential customers.