Start an Internet Business

Hello, in this post I want to talk about how to start a business online . Many people make the mistake of thinking that make a page and therefore believe that only you can make money. Some research studies indicate that 90% or more of the websites do not generate even $ 10 a month. I want to see why this happens.


Understand what a business online

The first is to clarify that a business online is as he says, a “business”. The website is the tool we use, but you need to see it as a business “virtual” to make the best decisions about how to generate revenue through it.

Speaking of it as a business, we have the capital investment is very low, since it takes just a web domain, hosting account, email account and go. The total annual cost may be even $ 0 (for example, this happens in the places named “”

However, there is one factor that few entrepreneurs and consider the risk. Risk is the probability that an internal or external factor affecting the business and the business fails. On the Internet the risk is high and I’ll give an example. Say I’m interested in being number 1 in the term ” Business Ideas “. And my business is based entirely on the money I earn advertising from Google. However, new sites come easily, and then one day change the 2nd. place. The mere difference of being in first and second represent thousands of dollars! And find out what was what you did wrong or what can improve not always easy.

This example is true, more or less by the year 2008 when I started this page 100Negocios, an Argentine site was the leader in google (search appeared in no. 1), and gradually a friend’s page (Ideas of Business) was gaining ground and is now the number 1. Therefore, the stakes are high one day earn thousands of dollars and the other losing everything.