In the workwear Hospitality professionals wear is subject to a much higher than in other sectors. So every season is necessary to check that everything is ready to transmit the desired image and spirit. To help with this task, provides its customers Velilla 8 sets of basic garments for living room and kitchen, under exceptionally advantageous for a limited time only from 4 to 22 March 2013. The great advantage of the series included in this special lies in its basic design, classic elegance and timeless in many colors. It is 6 garments for dressing-room staff with specific designs for men (Series 301, 529, 531) and female (Series 303, 538, 539) – and 2 for culinary professionals.

Special Offer Hospitality

In the case of staff room, Velilla customers can choose between two sets of shirt / pants. Thus the male trouser Series 301, with tweezers, three pockets and a watchmaker, is made ​​of stretch fabric black or navy blue, high wrinkle resistance and ideal to withstand marathon workdays in the sector. In addition, these professionals can also choose between two shirts: Series 529, long sleeves, or Series 531, short sleeve. In any case, the two have a sleek design available in 11 different colors, pocket to chest height to carry the essentials hand and buttoned front the same color as the garment.

Meanwhile, workers have a distinct costume , thinking specifically to fit the female figure. The Series 303 women pant features waistband and stretch fabric is made ​​of navy blue or black. Also, Series 538-shirts long-sleeved and short sleeved 539-Series-are tailored to highlight the contours of an elegant and professional ergonomic either black, blue or white.

Velilla also thinking professionals working the stoves and they have selected another basic set available at a great price. In this case, it is the 351 Series cook trousers and jacket Series 432, also for cooking. The pants have elastic waist and three pockets, and is made ​​of woven navy and white pictures. Thus, combines perfectly with the 432 Series jacket, and white shirt, which has neck placket, chest pocket and double-breasted.

Due to its basic design, these 8 sets of clothes are very easy to adapt within any corporate identity, combining with other garments or supplements Disvel cheerful colors. Also provides an additional service Velilla customization by screen printing or embroidery, according to the needs of each business.